Winners Don’t Always Proceed

Yehey, it’s a Friday! And it’s almost over. I decided to post another entry for in time for the weekend – actually, still deciding whether to post entries on a regular basis and on consistent schedules, but we’ll see.

This time, as the week is about to end, I saw a quotation that says, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” This one is very popular and I’m sure a lot of us encountered it already and even used it to motivate ourselves when we feel like giving up. After all, we must finish whatever we started and stand by the choices we make.

We must – but not all the time.

It’s preposterous how someone can limit the meaning of winning to just “not quitting”. In saying this, it is not defend the many times I quit in the past –

I quitted the course I chose in college.

I quitted an application I made to a particular organisation.

I quitted one application process I went through during a time when I want to transfer to another company.

Some people may say I am a quitter because I had nothing to lose; quitters always receive this kind of comment. And because they have nothing to lose, they are being tagged as losers. But I think not all quitters are losers. Truth is, some of them, if not most, have everything to lose but they’d rather quit anyway. There are time when I wonder, “What if?” But since nothing in the past can be changed, I choose not to dwell on it.

I quitted the course I chose in college because I finally wanted to make a decision I can call my own.

I quitted the application to an org because I realised that being part of it is something I can live without.

I quitted one job application I went to simply because of respect.

Quitters do not always lose. Sometimes, they are just making a more wise decision that holding on to one thing that is simply not worth the time anymore. I’m saying this not to defend the choices I made in the past but to show that there are moments when quitting signifies a new beginning.


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