The Annoying, Neverending Cycle

I have a fairly happy family life. We may not be too well-off but I have to acknowledge my parents’ hard work in giving us good education; and while we’re not perfect children, I would say we’re doing pretty well – not the best but we aren’t bad either. *smirks*


However, there is this frustration that bothers -me – not because I cannot do anything about me (believe me, I have done the best that I can but to no avail) but because it’s a cycle that has been happening and that some people in the household don’t want to change to be better.


When you live with fairly traditional parents, you understand how important traditional family roles are. While I, along with several other people, would make fun about it  recalling how having traditionally strict parents helped made us survive this harsh world, I would still love to see parents who would listen and understand and take feedback for the better.

Probably that’s what younger parents are doing better than the ones from the earlier generations, at least in my case – they listen;  open to feedback and willing to learn.

I always try my best to go home early because I enjoy spending time with my family the most. But then, I don’t like going home to a house where people want to prove a point but don’t want to listen and learn.


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