Enjoy Your Season

It’s rainy in Manila today and surely rainy season has came. In the office earlier, I was browsing Spotify as I was speaking to the grads and discovered Sandi Patty on Spotify.

For many of you who don’t know her, Sandi Patty is one of the best Christian singers there is.

Here is Sandi Patty now! 🙂

Her songs were among those which my father enjoy playing early in the morning and I also enjoy hearing at church. I suddenly missed the songs of my childhood and how simple but meaningful songs are then.

But of course, when I was younger, I would not not mind it at all because I thought these kinds of songs are timeless and I can listen to it when I grow older. Yes, the songs remained; but more songs came in.

Most of the time, we take things for granted because we think we can always have them. But then more things come and we need to spread ourselves to cherish everything until we cannot. It is because we weren’t fully there when we need to and to enjoy them.

In the days to come, I no longer want to live with regrets. I no longer want to live with dreams un-fulfilled and plans not happening because I did not do anything. At the same time, I also don’t want to live in the future while disregarding today.

So many thoughts and learnings on a rainy day. Haha! I look forward to fulfilling all plans and dreams so that they do not remain hopes that kept themselves round my mind.


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