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The Annoying, Neverending Cycle

I have a fairly happy family life. We may not be too well-off but I have to acknowledge my parents’ hard work in giving us good education; and while we’re not perfect children, I would say we’re doing pretty well – not the best but we aren’t bad either. *smirks*


However, there is this frustration that bothers -me – not because I cannot do anything about me (believe me, I have done the best that I can but to no avail) but because it’s a cycle that has been happening and that some people in the household don’t want to change to be better.


When you live with fairly traditional parents, you understand how important traditional family roles are. While I, along with several other people, would make fun about it  recalling how having traditionally strict parents helped made us survive this harsh world, I would still love to see parents who would listen and understand and take feedback for the better.

Probably that’s what younger parents are doing better than the ones from the earlier generations, at least in my case – they listen;  open to feedback and willing to learn.

I always try my best to go home early because I enjoy spending time with my family the most. But then, I don’t like going home to a house where people want to prove a point but don’t want to listen and learn.


Review (or Not) : Maundy Thursday (Film) 

* Also known as Our Happy Time/ 우리들의 행복 한 시간

After reading Our Happy Time by Gong Jiyoung (Thank you, Fully Booked, for being instrumental in getting this book to my stash!), I immediately Googled if this story was made into a movie because one cannot let pass such an amazing plot. 

(Actually, when I was almost finished with the book, I recalled reading a manga with a similar plot with the title Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan, which is actually an adaptation of the Gong Jiyoung’s work. But anyway…) 

I found out it was made into a movie in 2006 with the awesome Kang Dongwon and Lee Nayoung as main casts. And though it was enticing enough to watch, in anticipation of these two great main actors, I really couldn’t bring myself to watch it just yet because I know how it will turn out for me; and that I need to be ready. (Wow, sorry, I’m emo like this.) 

Since it’s a long weekend, I decided that now is the right time to see it and as expected, there was a (thorough) tug in my heart as I went through the whole plot. 

This movie tried its best to be faithful to the book, however, summarising the events in the book is a pain, considering the movie is already two hours long. But then, it still tried to put in as much detail as it can. 

I don’t know if it’s because this was released in 2006 that’s why the musical scoring wasn’t much of a big deal in the other scenes. Regardless, though, I think one of its strong points is the simplicity in its storytelling wherein it allows the audience to process through the emotions each scene brings. 


Surprisingly, the movie has consistently appealed to me the way the book and the manga did wherein it gave me an avenue to recognise and continue to think about my stand regarding death penalty, chances, forgiveness, and my attitude towards others.

Hope you can see the movie for yourself and see how compassion, love, and concern, will make you think twice of not giving up – on yourself and on others. 


A Brother’s Love

Apart from my friends, my siblings are my most loved people in the world (although it may not look like it sometimes. Hehehe.) 

There are times when we argue but I firmly believe (and I know they do to) that we got each other’s back. Especially in times of crises. 

In the book of Philemon, we witness how Paul and Philemon’s brotherly relationship is founded on the love of Christ. 

(For starters, the purpose of Paul’s letter to Philemon is to ask him to take back the slave Onesimo, who ran away from him. And of course, who would like to take back a slave who left his responsibilities from his master? Definitely not me!) 

Why was it acceptable, if not easy, for Paul to request Philemon to take back his slave? Because they have a brotherly relationship. 

Why did not Paul demand from Philemon to do what he wants ASAP? Because he values the relationship he has with his brother and since he can do a simple request instead of an order, then he’d take that path instead. 

Oftentimes, we are so busy reprimanding people for their mistakes, for things they forget, or tasks they did not complete that we forget to ask ourselves if we thought of building and strengthening our relationships with them. 

If instead of enforcing what we want, we extend care and understanding, disputes can be easily taken care of. Of course, challenges can still be there, but we are more considerate, and in simple ways, we make them feel our love. 

In such a toxic world as ours where many of us would impose our ways on others, be one who cares, considers, and understands. In our speech and in our actions, be that brother, who’s got another brother’s back despite differences, despite misunderstandings. 

Mums and Sandwiches

Yesterday, my mum packed me sandwich for lunch. It was a good thing because my friends did not have their baon and it was an opportunity for us to eat out. 

Last week, when my mum packed me sandwich, the pantry was closed for an event. I was so impressed with her intuition that what I needed that day was only a sandwich so I can eat on my desk while working. 

Well, I am always impressed on how my mum knows everything aptly when they should be known; from how to arrange the cabinet, to cleaning the house, to when a sandwich is a more appropriate lunch than a rice meal, even to the most serious life decisions. This makes me value my parents’ wisdom all the more. 

I know that we, children without kids yet, would often clash with our parents. We think that they’re boxing us and we prefer to do things outside it. But there are times when their wisdom, experience, and authority are useful; and it’s usually most of the time. 

We know that the Bible tells us to honour our parents for this is the first commandment with a promise (Ephesians 6:1-4) but aside from honouring them with the usual ways we know and do, we can honour their wisdom in our life’s situations as well. 

Humane for a Zombie Movie – Thoughts on “Train to Busan” 

So I jumped into the bandwagon and watched Train to Busan in the cinema earlier. I was a bit nervous because we were bringing my mother along and I bought 4Dx tickets (I underestimated her capacity because the cinema made her awake the whole time. Hahaha!) 

            Original image from The Hollywood Reporter

* There may be spoilers beyond this point. *

So my BFF, Yan, forced me to watch this movie for two reasons: 

  1. We rode a train when we travelled from Busan to Seoul the one time we went to Korea and;
  2. She wanted us  to discuss it. Haha! 

And because everyone is raving about it, I gave in. And I might be the noisiest one in the cinema. 

Prior to knowing that this is a film about zombies, I thought it was just another action film. I was even surprised to know that Gong Yoo (the lead) is doing action. Lol. But more than the zombie theme of the movie, there really are a lot of things that marked to me:

  • Parents (most, if not all) do everything to make their children feel secure. They may not understand it when they’re younger, but as they grow, they would know that all sacrifices are for them (You’d find a convo about this scene in the movie.)
  • Self-preservation is our primary goal when caught up in a crisis. Which leads to – 
  • Selfishness. When people in train 15 were trying to shoo away the “new arrivals” because they might be infected, I was trying to dig my brain for situations when I try to turn down people because they might pull me down. It was not a pretty thing to remember. 
  • When you experience love (in the form of concern), from others, there is no way that you won’t be able to give it out as well. Huhu. So many noteworthy scenes. 
  • You can make it in life  even if it isn’t at another’s expense. Watch the movie to understand where this comes from. 

There are still a lot of reflections about the movie and how something you may assume as scary bring about lessons about our humanity; but I guess I was too restless to break them down into specifics. 

Also, I was rooting for Gong Yoo to survive!!! *ugly cry* 

Book Recommendation: Our Happy Time

So I am back to refreshing my Korean language lessons; this time only self-studying before I really pursue formal lessons again. After all, my Korean handbooks and textbooks would be put to waste if I don’t use them.

This Barron’s book is what I am using. Such a shame because this was given to me some 5 or 6 years ago. Meh.

So when Fully Booked had a sale, I went there to find good buys (and not actually to find a Korean language book. Sorry.) And such timing, I had the chance to get  a book which has a plot that is very familiar.

Tadaa! And this was the book I got. It was so compelling that if only I am not distracted by all the things around me, I would have finished it in two days.

Our Happy Time is written by Ji-young Gong and was translated in English by Sora Kim-Russel (Thank God because hello, my Korean was back to level 1 – beginner!) It is a story about love and compassion and how this affects humanity and how we view others and ourselves.

I won’t spoil you any further since it’s worth the read. Please get yourself a copy if you have the chance. This book was also adapted into a movie called Maundy Thursday starring Kang Dong-won and Lee Na-young (Great choices, I might say!) You can watch it’s trailer on YouTube.


If the trailer isn’t enough to move you, I don’t know what will. But really, read the book and watch the movie! Doing both may be worth it!

Enjoy Your Season

It’s rainy in Manila today and surely rainy season has came. In the office earlier, I was browsing Spotify as I was speaking to the grads and discovered Sandi Patty on Spotify.

For many of you who don’t know her, Sandi Patty is one of the best Christian singers there is.

Here is Sandi Patty now! 🙂

Her songs were among those which my father enjoy playing early in the morning and I also enjoy hearing at church. I suddenly missed the songs of my childhood and how simple but meaningful songs are then.

But of course, when I was younger, I would not not mind it at all because I thought these kinds of songs are timeless and I can listen to it when I grow older. Yes, the songs remained; but more songs came in.

Most of the time, we take things for granted because we think we can always have them. But then more things come and we need to spread ourselves to cherish everything until we cannot. It is because we weren’t fully there when we need to and to enjoy them.

In the days to come, I no longer want to live with regrets. I no longer want to live with dreams un-fulfilled and plans not happening because I did not do anything. At the same time, I also don’t want to live in the future while disregarding today.

So many thoughts and learnings on a rainy day. Haha! I look forward to fulfilling all plans and dreams so that they do not remain hopes that kept themselves round my mind.