Funny Sister

Last Saturday, a wedding of a friend was held. After the dawn watch, few moms froms our church started preparing stuff for the food. Since some of the moms who promised to help did not arrive, I, together with a few friends and my sister helped in the preparations. Some were helping with the decorations while a few, myself included, helped in cutting and chopping stuff for the banquet. Hehehe.

While doing our activity, we talked about some random topics. Then, it shifted to my sister who is a pet lover. The conversations goes like this:

Seyer (One of our friends, to Mica): Mica, kung papipiliin ka at debut mo ulit ngayon: pet o party? (Mica, if you will be given a chance to celebrate your 18th birthday again, what present would you like to receive: pet or a party?)

Yey, parteeh! But my sister doesn't want it. :P
Yey, parteeh! But my sister doesn't want it. πŸ˜›

Mica (Answering Seyer): Pet

Seyer: Pet o kayamanan? (Pet or treasures)

Mica: Pet *thinks* Hmmm… Pwede rin palang kayamanan para makabili ng pet. (But it can also be treasures so I could buy a pet.)

*Everyone laughs*

Ok, money can be but my sister would still buy a pet. Hehehe. :P
Ok, money can be but my sister would still buy a pet. Hehehe. πŸ˜›

Seyer: E eto, pet o David Archuleta? (Here, pet or David Archuleta?)

Mica: Hmmm… Kasi naman e ang cute, cute ni Archie. Pwede na rin syang maging pet. (But Archie is sooo cute! He can be my pet as well.)

Me: Nako! Nag-reason out ka pa! (And you are reasong out!)

Everyone else: At nagbago rin ang isip nya! Haha! (And she finally changed her mind! Haha!)

Mica: Ay hindi, pet pa rin *thinks* Pero ang cute kasi ni Archie… blah blah… (But no, I would still choose a pet. But Archie is really cute…! blah blah…)


Whatever sister!

Who would prevail?

The dogs?
The dogs?

The Cat? (SORRY, I don’t have Dash’s picture here in the office yet)


David Archuleta!!! LOLOLOL
David Archuleta!!! LOLOLOL

VOTE! VOTE! Hahaha!


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