Running Away, Offering Up, Surrendering Yourself


I am currently reading Elisabeth Elliot’s book Quest for Love (a wonderful book containing a collection of stories, both good and bad, about romantic relationships) and got to this chapter on Temptation. Being a book about relationships, Elliot mentioned that for us not to get into temptation is to stay away from all possible sources of it. “We need to… renounce sometimes even the legitimate things in order not to be taken by the evil that lurks at every turn”, she mentions.

Often, I hear people say that they were not able to get over a situation because everything “Just happened. I was not able to resist.” But resistance is a choice. Elliot also mentioned in her book, “Be on alert. Be honest about your weakness. Stay clear of the thing that tempts you.” As Paul told Timothy, “Flee the evil desires of youth…” (2 Timothy 2:22, NIV) Being an action word, fleeing is something to be done – with initiative.

Mythological character Ulysses acknowledged the possibility of falling into temptation by tying himself up and plugging his eardrums with wax as his ship passed by the Sirens’ area. Joseph ran when Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him, knowing that what she wants would not be right in the eyes of his master and of the Lord.

Running away is not always for the coward. Most of the time, it is courageous men who knows how to do it.



Practiced with the worship team earlier for tomorrow’s service. Before stating with it. My friend, Roy, was the one who shared and it was about Abel.

Now Abel pleased God by offering up to Him the best of the flock. He was not hesitant in giving it to the Lord.

In our daily life, we should not be hesitant in offering God the best of what we have. It doesn’t just have to be money but time, effort, talents, worship, even our troubles. God asks for it, not because He wants to deprive us of the best but because he will work on it to give you the best-est best. 🙂



Had a really cool devotion the other day.

If there could be anyone in the Bible who has showed me the best example of obedience, that would have to be Jesus Christ. In John 6: 39 – 40(NIV), Jesus readily obeyed his Father and knows what He is here on earth for, the lost.

From the passage, two things I learned: 1) When we obey we lose nothing (vv. 39); and 2) Obedience gives us the desire to do good, not only for our own benefit but for others as well (vv. 40).


Have a blessed weekend and a wonderful Sunday morning! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Running Away, Offering Up, Surrendering Yourself

  1. I definitely agree in you post mentioning “resistance is still a choice” cuz nowadays most people just go with the flow or they allow the scenario to happen without them having a say on what’s gonna be the outcome of it.

    1. Thanks for agreeing. True! Any action word, potential or in movement is a choice; there should be no excuses made about it.

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