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The Chronicles Part 1: Power to the People

Before anything else, I would like to make clear that this entry is not about the current situation in one of our fellow ASEAN brother nation. My understanding about the current situation in Thailand is too limited and giving a big chunk of opinion is not necessary at the moment (I can always talk about it with friends or people who know more about the subject than I do.)
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Parents, Do Not Lie to Your Children

In the Philippines, many of us were brought up in an environment where elders will say whatever they want to say to try convince the younger ones to do something. Elders usually supply a promise, which in the end, never gets fulfilled. As a result, you have a devastated child who used to be so full of hope which are now shattered dreams.

I believe there has been a lot of expectations with parents. They have been judged because of their parenting skills and their ways. Every parent is expected to be good, if not better. With the pressure society brings upon them, not to mention the changing environment where their children longs for more, they will try to find the easy way out. Usually, they resort to making big (or even small) promises they never intended to fulfill.

I don’t know. Maybe this has been a reason why it’s so hard for some people to trust, because the first people whom they have given it to did not value it. Parents and elders become too hasty in promising their children things they can never give or do not want to give. What values have we left the younger generation with then?

This is a personal post. I’ve been observing people around me and anywhere I go, this is relevant. We say we wanted to train up children the way they should go so when they are old, they never depart from those BUT are we sure we are giving the right training?

In any relationship, trust is very important. Why do some parents seem to not bother try earning their children’s trust the way that children would always have to gain their parents’? Doesn’t authority come with responsibilities? I think parents and people in authority should value accountability the way that they’re enjoying the privilege of authority given to them.

I know nothing about parenting and I am not trying to give an advice as well. But I am a child.

Just my two cents…>


While doing my morning ritual of checking out the Tweets that I follow, I stumbled upon Sitti‘s and one of her updates says, “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” This was inspired by the verse from Ecclesiastes 11:4 (Let me use the version from The Amplified Bible) which says,

He who observes the wind [and waits for all conditions to be favorable] will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap.

Too many times, we came across circumstances where decisions are necessary; and not just simple decisions as what color of flip-flops you would wear or what hairstyle you would have today. Sometimes, decisions which we have to make is a matter of life and death (Yeah, exaggerated maybe.) – Life and death of a career; life and death of a relationship; life and death of a breakthrough.

Most of the time, we calculate too much – looking at our surroundings, checking if each strand of eyebrow is at place or if our shoes are well-polished, not knowing that there proves to be situations when getting caught open and willing to change and motion bears good results.

Waiting for the perfect time to come may not happen if that’s what holds you from doing whatever you need to do, or want to do. Unless you make an action or two, given the circumstances where you’re in, you could never move from where you are now.

Don't be afraid of crossing the other side of the street... Like a kid, there is Someone who could guide you through until you can do it yourself πŸ˜‰

Taking risks may cost you something, right. But would you rather learn from it or play it safe, waiting for the perfect time until never finding out what could have been? Your choice.


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This morning, while I was fighting over going or not going to work, I browsed through my phone and found a draft containing the verse Psalm 16:5. Didn’t bother looking at it as I returned to sleep. When I finally got up, I checked my phone again and passed through the drafts folder, and there, I get to see Psalm 16:5 again. Then I decided to browse through my Bible and here’s what I found (Got the NLT version):

“Lord, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing.

You guard all that is mine”

Most of the time, I worry a lot on what is in store for me in the future and what is about to happen with my immediate involvements. But God has assured me that my future is well taken care of already, and with this promise, He has assured me more that everything, as in EVERYTHING – every single promise that He is bound to let flow in my life,Β  is in the palm of His hand. πŸ™‚

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Challenges, God’s Will, Trust

Welcome to my random rambling. πŸ™‚ There really are some stuff not specific at all which people need to express that’s why TADAAAAAAA! (Hahaha! I feel so totally pointless. :P)

Let’s start.


Earlier in our weekly production meeting, I reported about the accounts I our team is currently handling and yeah, I just noticed that the ones I am currently handling were REALLY quite challenging. Mixed emotions bite me off…

I feel sad because for one account, lots of efforts were exerted but inconsistency of outside forces affect it. I don’t know what else to do but I’m exhausting all the efforts that I can to help my candidates to really be deployed.

I feel positive because for another account, no matter how tough times are, one of our clients is still holding on and don’t want to let go of their candidates but are giving them a chance to explore for new opportunities. Keeping my fingers crossed for this but I am affirmative, they will be deployed there in a few months. πŸ™‚

I feel ready to get on my feet for new accounts in which a lot of processes have to be taken. Quite rigorous but helps me gain more knowledge about the industry I am in. πŸ™‚

I feel happy because despite these things, a lot of accounts are moving properly, new opportunities are opening up, and well, work could be tough but I should be tougher because I have myself over them and I (together with our team) will overcome. πŸ™‚

Run ahead and win it!
Run ahead and win it!


From a woman’s point of view, I believe that when a man is God’s will for you, He will put your name in his heart… and give this man wisdom to know when and how he is to confess his God-given love for you. πŸ™‚

I never believe in women making the first move. Call me old fashioned but a woman’s role is response, not initiation, quite particularly in the area of romance.


Just wanna share with you a wonderful song which is my current LSS:

Trusting Jesus that He holds everything together. πŸ™‚


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Saving Your First Kiss? What For?

One day, my friend, Karen tagged me on a note. I agreed and made one myself, too, just for fun (Since we do not see each other, well, it’s our form of erm, bonding? LOL.)

Several questions were placed in that note. Of course, I was having fun answering (The way Karen did have fun. Nyahaha!) I cameΒ  across the DO YOU BELIEVE IN section. Under it are seven items and one of those items is

“Kissing on a first date”

Knowing Karen, I know she is not for it but her answer amused me more and I told her I’d quote her one of these days so I am doing this now. She said,

“No (The first kiss must be done in the presence of God, family, and friends. :D”

Her answer is full of innocence (Haha! Not thinking what other people’s reactions might be) but with conviction and excitement. I share the same stand yet I could not say it any better than she put it.

In a world where the trend is hook ups and spending the night with someone whom you just happen to meet for the first time, saving your first kiss seems to be just a legend; it may be fiction, it may be true but no one attests to it. But it is never too bad for anyone to make a stand and make that first special.

You may not do what everyone else is doing or you may not believe in what everyone else thinks is right; you may be out of place but you are making a difference – not only for yourself but for God, for your loved ones, and for that special someone who you are to spend the rest of your life with. πŸ™‚ Never be afraid.

Make that first be extra special! :)
Make that first be extra special! πŸ™‚