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It’s something which when lost will never be recovered.


Now I wonder why some people tend to give importance on other people’s time when that could have been spent on something more worthwhile. As someone who does a lot of things, it’s pretty obvious that I don’t want to share the time I was given to spend on this planet. I mean, no matter what you say, life is short and you really gotta seize it. At the same time, my life is not confined to just one thing (i.e. work) so I hope people should understand that. I am not going against but I think wasting other people’s time is just plain inconsiderate and disrespectful, no matter who he/she is, no one should leave anyone else hanging.


I don’t know if I have seized every moment that my father is with us. Being an OFW for quite a time, we have been used to not having him even during important events for the family. One thing I am not used to, though, is seeing him leave. That’s why I am personally refraining myself from going to the airport to send him to his departure flight because I know I can’t help but cry upon seeing him leave (Wherever I am, I still cry only because of the idea that he’s already leaving, what more if I see him do) So there, the pains of making a living for your family; and I am thankful, because even if my father is kinda talkative and impulsive at times, I know he’s doing us an awful lot of good.


On a lighter note, well, I hate to be cheesy but I simply love the lines from that song Everything by Michael Buble which goes:

In this crazy life

and through these crazy times

it’s you, it’s you;

You make me sing,

you’re every line,

you’re every word,

you’re everything.

Now isn’t that nice? I’m trying to avoid my cheesiness but well, well.;)