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Book Recommendation: Our Happy Time

So I am back to refreshing my Korean language lessons; this time only self-studying before I really pursue formal lessons again. After all, my Korean handbooks and textbooks would be put to waste if I don’t use them.

This Barron’s book is what I am using. Such a shame because this was given to me some 5 or 6 years ago. Meh.

So when Fully Booked had a sale, I went there to find good buys (and not actually to find a Korean language book. Sorry.) And such timing, I had the chance to get  a book which has a plot that is very familiar.

Tadaa! And this was the book I got. It was so compelling that if only I am not distracted by all the things around me, I would have finished it in two days.

Our Happy Time is written by Ji-young Gong and was translated in English by Sora Kim-Russel (Thank God because hello, my Korean was back to level 1 – beginner!) It is a story about love and compassion and how this affects humanity and how we view others and ourselves.

I won’t spoil you any further since it’s worth the read. Please get yourself a copy if you have the chance. This book was also adapted into a movie called Maundy Thursday starring Kang Dong-won and Lee Na-young (Great choices, I might say!) You can watch it’s trailer on YouTube.


If the trailer isn’t enough to move you, I don’t know what will. But really, read the book and watch the movie! Doing both may be worth it!


K-BFFs in Seoul – Day 4: What is Sosyal? Prologue


A colloquial adjective, a Filipino Language slang, describing a person who is classy, or someone who is ostentatiously wealthy. (cr: Urban Dictionary)

This day was reserved solely for Seoul’s sosyal areas – Apgujeong and Gangnam. As per most people I talked to, this is the area where most wealthy people live. I don’t really know but for sure, a lot of important happenings usually take place here. Somehow, you could attest to the comments just by looking at what Google has to say once you type in the names of these locations – designer brands, convention centers, 5-star hotels – all the works. 🙂

I love Gangnam because this is where I stayed when I first came to Korea. It gave me a warm welcome so it will always have a special place in my heart. 😀

We started our day by attending a 10am service at Jubilee Church in Apgujeong. 🙂 I was extra sleepy that morning (sleepier than my usual sleepy self) and I hope I didn’t snooze myself much during the preaching. Starting the week with worship is definitely the way to go! The people were friendly and it feels like home. There was also a newcomer’s orientation but Yan and I didn’t attend anymore because we won’t be staying in Seoul for a long time (Maybe next time we’re back. *wink*)

After the service, we explored the neighborhood. Since yesterday’s weather is too hot for autumn, we thought that skirts and long sleeved dresses could help us survive but we were wrong. T_T We pretty much managed to stand the cold winds blowing but not without shivering every now and then. Add to that, the red letter arrived the front porch without any notice – which turned out to be a good thing because it forced us to go to a convenience store to ask for directions on how to get to Rodeo Street. The young lady manning it was very kind to take the effort. (However, we were crept out by some guy who told us he wanted to know more about us. Errr… Or maybe he’s just being friendly. Hehe.)

Tried the cab and subway has been our second home. 😛 Now it’s time for our first bus ride in the city of Seoul!

As we got into the bus, we were still confused on where Hanyang Apt. is. But again, kind people were all over where we went to 🙂 and with my handy Hangeul, a kind halmeoni helped us to where we should get off.

We got off Rodeo Street but where did we really go? Find out on the next post. *grins*

K-BFFs in Seoul – Day 3: Who is Mac Park? (Highlight: Lotte World/Star Avenue)

Being the one who created our itinerary, Star Avenue surely made it to the list of must-gos! 😛  The place was a showcase of celebrities who endorse Lotte World.

My only concern of plotting this in our itinerary is 2PM but Yan’s concern (aside from 2PM) were (in order of relevance) Song Seung Heun, Jang Geun Seuk, Hyun Bin, and Rain. Ok. That was like almost everyone! 😛

She really didn't miss her chance. Hahaha!

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K-BFFs in Seoul – Day 3: Who is Mac Park? (Highlight: Insadong)

WARNING: Image-heavy post again. My Seoul posts would most likely be full of photos so please bear with me. 🙂


We decided to head to our next destination which was Changdeokgung. We stopped by a subway store to get some refreshments and a stall along the way for snacks .

But then, as much as we wanted to see the Secret Garden inside the palace, the line is terribly long, it’s 3pm, and we might not be able to make the most out of our day. And since Doty mentioned that all the palaces look similar anyway, we skipped this part. After all, this won’t be our last time in Korea. 😉 We headed to Insadong instead.

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K-BFFs in Seoul – Day 3: Who is Mac Park? (Highlight: Gyeongbokgung)

Sorry for the long hiatus. I was terribly busy and tired to embed photos. All my drafts are finished, though. Here’s the new entry on our South Korea trip. 🙂

WARNING: Image-heavy


It was a sunny Saturday morning. This was when me and my friend from elementary school, Doty, planned to meet up. She’s staying in Korea for almost three years already because of her graduate studies, and now, for work. We were not able to meet last year so we made it sure that this time, it’s really gonna happen. 🙂

Anyway, before our said reunion, Yan and I decided to do some morning chores in the guesthouse. It was very home-y so we really treated it as our own. The kids who were our floormates were gone to fly back to Manila :(, so we vacuumed the place, cooked breakfast, AND did the laundry! We are the domesticated duo after all. What was the most challenging is this part…

I read but I don't know what most of these items mean. >.<

The commands in the washing machine are in Korean. So even if I can read them, since my vocabulary isn’t very admirable, we needed to search the net on how it works. Yan even acquired a tutorial video. After some trial and error, we manage to make the washing machine work and ♫ it’s automatic… – Wash & dry!

Nifty laundrying! 😀

We got ready afterwards. It was palace day today and we plan going to two. We’re supposed to meet Doty at lunch time but  she messaged me on Facebook that she missed the bus and we might be meeting later. The problem is, my phone’s roaming was stuck! It doesn’t have signal – only choosing the time of the day when it will work. 😦 I feel worried because I did not rent a phone and it’s our only means of communication. I was still hoping my phone’s signal would be back in the afternoon. :-/

And off to Gyeongbokgung we go!

Got off Gyeongbokgung station - subway Line 3

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KBFFs in Seoul – Day 2: What is “A” Lifestyle? (Highlight: Myeongdong)

Note: You will see a lot of Seoul entries highlighting on Myeongdong. After all, it’s my favorite shopping place and it’s Yan’s favorite area in the city. 🙂

We went home after our Hongdae trip. I changed into my sandals and Yan, despite the freezing 4 degrees, opted to wear her Havaianas. (Summer mode on!  But I wished I brought slippers because I will definitely wear them, too, given our feet’s condition!)

Hehehe. Sandals/slippers + cold autumn don't match? Think again.

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K-BFFs in Seoul – Day 2: What is “A” Lifestyle? (Highlight: Hongdae)

Hongdae is the next stop for day 2. The place is within the same vicinity as Hongkik University so somehow, expect a lot of university students. (While walking, we saw more middle/high school students, though.)


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