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Princess with a Purpose

Everyone wants to be a princess!

I don’t know about you but I grew up in a generation where stories are mostly about these beautiful young women who seemingly have a perfect life – their lives are stories with a little conflict somewhere along the way but still has a happy ever after in the end. This is also the same generation with a rampant collection of 2D Disney cartoons with magic and stuff and a prince charming and beautiful soundtracks and clothes… The list goes on, you wish everything can be converted into real life.

All I can say is, the pursuit to becoming a princess is timeless, for a lot of reasons. It may be fame, the necessity to be perfect, the prince! Very rare have I heard that one wants to become a princess because of a calling to serve. Many of our young ladies fail to realise that being a princess is not all about your VVIP status or your handsome husband or the beautiful family you married into. Like any kind of power, it comes with responsibilities.

As a Christian woman, like any other of my kind, I believe I am God’s princess. My Father is the King of all kings. But if I end up with the idea that I will enjoy all the benefits of being a princess while failing to remember to represent my Father’s Kingdom, just what good a princess am I?

I don’t want to be just a princess; I want to be a great woman for the Lord; for my Father and for His Kingdom.

The great women in the Bible were identified as great not because they’re beautiful and refused to get soiled. Also, not by slacking off and waiting around for others to do the work for them. Instead, they showed a non-pretence great character that is obedient of God’s leading in their lives.

My female Bible “heroes” would be Rebekah, Esther, and Ruth. There are a lot more worth mentioning but I tell you, these three did not just sit around.

Rebekah had a servant heart and fetched water, not only for Eleazar but also for all his many camels. Esther was even queen yet she acted accordingly to what God wants her to do and saved her fellowmen. Ruth displayed a strong spirit and character and was obedient and caring to her mother-in-law Naomi even if she need not to anymore (and no, Naomi did not “push” Ruth to seduce Boaz, please; but that is another story which I can tell you some other time.)

If these three ladies wore the princess crown and just waited to be served since they’re Her Royal Highness

Rebekah would not yield Israel who bore the many descendants of God’s chosen people.

Esther would not have preserved the Israelite lineage.

Rebekah would not have bore the generation of David, from whom the lineage of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour came from.

Imagine how history could have changed its course!

These women took off their princess crowns for a while and served in a way they can. It didn’t matter whether it’s big or small. What mattered is their love for the Lord from which their love for others sprung out.

Let us not cultivate laziness in our girls just because they are to be treated “princesses”. If you put it into proper context, princesses have their duties apart from being just beautiful. They become more beautiful and admirable because of the life they live. They are princesses who serve their people and not wait for others to serve them; yes, a reflection of how Jesus was when He came to earth.


Christmas Gift List: Item Number 3

It’s been quite a while since I have last updated my blog, and well, I have to be consistent with my weekly gift list so here (HAHAHA!)

Me and a few friends are talking over several things over Yahoo Messenger when suddenly, the term soul mate came up. Haha! This is a pretty popular subject I talk about with friends, especially, well, I don’t know why. 😛

Then VOILA! I remembered something I really wished to have but can’t find here in the Philippines. I have asked several friends abroad, too, to try find me one, but this item was out of stock in stores. So here, I just thought someone might find it and give me one. 😛

by author, Ravi Zacharias

It is a suggested read; plus, Isaac and Rebekah’s love story is one of my most admired ones from the Bible. I wish to read it – soonest. 😀