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A Brother’s Love

Apart from my friends, my siblings are my most loved people in the world (although it may not look like it sometimes. Hehehe.) 

There are times when we argue but I firmly believe (and I know they do to) that we got each other’s back. Especially in times of crises. 

In the book of Philemon, we witness how Paul and Philemon’s brotherly relationship is founded on the love of Christ. 

(For starters, the purpose of Paul’s letter to Philemon is to ask him to take back the slave Onesimo, who ran away from him. And of course, who would like to take back a slave who left his responsibilities from his master? Definitely not me!) 

Why was it acceptable, if not easy, for Paul to request Philemon to take back his slave? Because they have a brotherly relationship. 

Why did not Paul demand from Philemon to do what he wants ASAP? Because he values the relationship he has with his brother and since he can do a simple request instead of an order, then he’d take that path instead. 

Oftentimes, we are so busy reprimanding people for their mistakes, for things they forget, or tasks they did not complete that we forget to ask ourselves if we thought of building and strengthening our relationships with them. 

If instead of enforcing what we want, we extend care and understanding, disputes can be easily taken care of. Of course, challenges can still be there, but we are more considerate, and in simple ways, we make them feel our love. 

In such a toxic world as ours where many of us would impose our ways on others, be one who cares, considers, and understands. In our speech and in our actions, be that brother, who’s got another brother’s back despite differences, despite misunderstandings. 


“They May Say I’m a Dreamer…”

“… But I’m not the only one.”

The world needs a pool of dreamers. Dreamers who see something and act accordingly to achieve those visions. Dreamers who do not only dream for themselves but dream for something greater. How we all wish Imagine‘s lyrics hold true.

I know I’ve previously mentioned that Joseph is one of, if not, my favourite Bible character. There are a lot of reasons but let me tell you about what he is most known for – being the dreamer.

My current devotion is along the last chapters of Genesis. Today focuses on the life of Joseph when he is already prime minister in Egypt. Genesis 45:7 says,

“But God sent me ahead of you to preserve for you a remnant on earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance.”

Joseph did not say that to brag to his brothers who did not believe him when he said they’d soon bow down to him, a dream given to him by the Lord (see Genesis 37:7 and 9). He said that because he knows his purpose – a purpose given to him by the Lord.

Despite everything he had to go through, especially in the hands of his own siblings, he knew full well that it is part of a much bigger picture – preserving Israel’s generation and the fulfilment of God’s promise to Abraham – that his descendants will be as numerous as the stars in the sky and as countless as the sand on the seashore (see Genesis 15:5; 22:17). Joseph knew his purpose. God gave it to him through his intimacy with the Lord and his dreams.

What is your purpose? Do we value foresight? Do we see ourselves as a part of the bigger picture? Or are we confined to just us; our own and our own immediate crowd?

God’s promise in Romans 8:28 says,

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

It will not work without our love for God (which is a result of His love for us) and knowing our purpose in Him. Joseph’s life is a living proof of such even if he lived generations before Paul wrote that epistle to the Romans. You can also be that living proof even if you have lived generations past that passage.

We are called towards a purpose. Seek God and believe (and live according to) what He has called you for.