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Humane for a Zombie Movie – Thoughts on “Train to Busan” 

So I jumped into the bandwagon and watched Train to Busan in the cinema earlier. I was a bit nervous because we were bringing my mother along and I bought 4Dx tickets (I underestimated her capacity because the cinema made her awake the whole time. Hahaha!) 

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* There may be spoilers beyond this point. *

So my BFF, Yan, forced me to watch this movie for two reasons: 

  1. We rode a train when we travelled from Busan to Seoul the one time we went to Korea and;
  2. She wanted us  to discuss it. Haha! 

And because everyone is raving about it, I gave in. And I might be the noisiest one in the cinema. 

Prior to knowing that this is a film about zombies, I thought it was just another action film. I was even surprised to know that Gong Yoo (the lead) is doing action. Lol. But more than the zombie theme of the movie, there really are a lot of things that marked to me:

  • Parents (most, if not all) do everything to make their children feel secure. They may not understand it when they’re younger, but as they grow, they would know that all sacrifices are for them (You’d find a convo about this scene in the movie.)
  • Self-preservation is our primary goal when caught up in a crisis. Which leads to – 
  • Selfishness. When people in train 15 were trying to shoo away the “new arrivals” because they might be infected, I was trying to dig my brain for situations when I try to turn down people because they might pull me down. It was not a pretty thing to remember. 
  • When you experience love (in the form of concern), from others, there is no way that you won’t be able to give it out as well. Huhu. So many noteworthy scenes. 
  • You can make it in life  even if it isn’t at another’s expense. Watch the movie to understand where this comes from. 

There are still a lot of reflections about the movie and how something you may assume as scary bring about lessons about our humanity; but I guess I was too restless to break them down into specifics. 

Also, I was rooting for Gong Yoo to survive!!! *ugly cry* 


That Happy Ever After

If there is one movie which all the songs in the soundtrack I love, that would be Enchanted. It’s so funny because during this time, Grey’s Anatomy is really popular and well, Patrick Dempsey IS popular; but I only appreciated his being (Mc)dreamy after this movie. (Then Made of Honor came and so on and so forth… Though I find him attractive on both movies, McDreamy is not for me in the long run. But that’s another story to tell.)

Anyway, the scene below is my favourite! It’s bittersweet though, having to think all along that some Prince Charming is meant for you until you met someone whom you grew affections for, not because he’s perfect but because he’s just himself and you love it. Sometimes I’d believe meant-to-bes are intentional, ya know, for it involves choices. But again that’s another story (so many side stories, pardon.)

A life goes by
Romantic dreams will stop
So I bid mine goodbye and never knew
So close was waiting, waiting here with you
And now forever I know
All that I wanted to hold you so close

Those are my favourite lyrics from my favourite song in the soundtrack. It speaks about the reality of every relationship that though we want perfect, there are some challenges and there are some things you don’t/won’t like while you’re in it. That eventually, you need to make a choice about what you would be able to live up with and accept wholeheartedly. Sometimes you thought you don’t have a choice anymore. But that’s just what you thought.

That like in the movie, Giselle was surprised by the bustling streets of NYC, not finding the perfection of (animated) Andalasia. That she realised Prince Edward, no matter how perfect he seems, may not be the perfect fit for her. That she learned there is a Robert Phillip, who is real and with whom she is willing to work things out with no matter what the circumstances. That she thought there is no chance for them to be together because Edward is there, but then her life did not depend on Edward after all. And that she can choose and stand by that choice.

I think I need to re-watch the movie. But today’s a Thursday so it might need to wait one more day. 🙂

Too Stubborn to Give In: Lessons from Brave

Shane and I was supposed to have our movie bonding two weeks ago but due to the inconsistent weather conditions in Manila, we were only able to catch one last weekend.

Brave is a story about young Merida who is princess of the land. Being the eldest in the family, she would need to take over some time soon, therefore, training her to become like a queen is necessary. And who can better do that job but the queen herself, Merida’s mom, Elinor.


Brave isn’t your typical princess story. What caught my attention first and made me want to watch it is Merida’s curly redhead. I am actually expecting some love interest in it (like what all princess movies have) but *spoiler* there is none. It didn’t disappoint me, though. Sometimes movies should really focus on other things rather than finding love; and like in this movie, it is pretty realistic that before focusing on a love life, we must learn a thing or two about just life first.

So if it isn’t romance-centric, what do I expect from Brave?

Parents and children should watch it. Most of the time, in a family, nobody wants to lose and everybody wants to prove a point. But what usually happens is all the more we want to win, we think we do but we end up losing our loved ones. I think this movie would help parents listen to and understand their children and children to try expressing themselves in a more pacified and un-rude manner if they want to express something.

If you’re not up for the family theme, I would still say that Brave is worth the watch because it tells how selfish humans could be. We would often want our way that we are willing to sacrifice things that really matter and end up being sorry for our impulsive and unwise decisions.

Drifting from the story, the movie has really good musical scoring, too! And don’t miss Pixar’s short film La Luna in the beginning (it’s a cute treat!)

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