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Motherhood – 1

When I was younger, I feel so forced attending mentoring in our church. People see me as a leader but I just see it as an additional responsibility to my then closed world. I never really wanted to get involved with anyone and neither did I want anyone to meddle with my life – a world of my own where no one else but myself could understand.


Years passed and through the efforts of a friend, I was forced  to join the group of young people. I did not plan to continue as I only thought of becoming OP from the rest of the group. I was never sociable and I though they would not ever understand me. I was wrong.


Some time after that very instance, I was assigned to handle a small group. Oh boy was i surprised! I don’t want to handle a group. First, I think I am not equipped to take care and teach these people; and next, I don’t want the responsibility that they have vested upon me. Heck! This will definitely ruin all the plans that I have for myself, especially during the weekends when I have lots of things to do. But since I was never really aggressive that time, I gave it a shot and followed orders.

It was definitely a struggle. People are not attending and I feel like they never liked me at all. Later have I found out that during those times, some people from the group are hiding from me because they never thought that small group is any interesting at all. Thing is, they never thought I thought the same. Haha! Everytime I make an excuse that we have a small group meeting some time because of a very important matter, there never really was any reason. I am just, uhm, well, lazy.


But God works in ways unimaginable. I could not remember how that occurred but hey! A small group is a place of opportunity; a place of life; a place where blessings dwell. I don’t know how I got rid of my anti-social self, but I’m sure it wasn’t me who had the work done.


Now, I am loving small group. It is indeed a place for sharing but it doesn’t end there. It is a place for learning; a place for realizations; a place where you come to know that this world is not just about you but about everyone else around you. It is not just a place where you meet new friends but also a place where you form a family.