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Letting Go, Apology, and Forgiveness

It was a rainy mid-week. Met up with a friend since my Mom and my brother are out in a seminar and my sister is on her mid-shift. Caught up with the long line in the shuttle station due to the drizzle. While waiting in the line, I was exchanging messages with a friend about this particular book I asked her to read. Since this book has a movie version, aside from discussion, she is planning to watch the movie because she was quite puzzled with the ending. I told her we should watch together because I am afraid it might be too visual that I can’t watch it alone. Promised myself that upon going home, I’m gonna check my movies and save them on my hard drive so that we can watch the movie adaptation during the weekend.

Then I opened the common PC in the house to check my files.

Clicked Drive D. Cannot find my folder. Cannot even find my ‘New Folder’ folder.

Dreading evening.


I sent a message to my brother asking him where my files were but he wasn’t answering. Sent him another message because aside from the movies, I need to check on my old files. He told me the virus erased everything.


Good grief.


Of course I was irritated. I am kind of OC so I keep track and label all my files for future use or reference. I told my brother he could have told me that those files were gone so I would not have assumed all the time that I have them yet they are not there anymore.


Then he said sorry.


Then I am fine already.


I think it just takes a little bit of swallowing your pride when you do something wrong. Knowing my brother, it was not easy for him to do that. But he did. And I believe everyone could. If we let humility take over our selfishness.


As for me, I need to learn to let go of things. Those files that were gone may be important but I believe everything in this world has an end. This is a first step for me. To learn to let go. Because things can break. One can lose things. And too much attachment can make anyone insane. And I personally do not want give more importance to things over people and relationships that matter.

I still feel regretful of the corrupted files. But it will give me less things to cling on to. And it made me realise how important my brother is and his apology over what has happened.