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The Ride Home

Today, we lost a dear aunt. She’s not actually my aunt but my uncle’s (father’s brother) wife. She has had several operations due to illnesses we never expected she had and my mind was fixated to the idea that she was on her way to recovery. She is. But we truly never know when this borrowed casket will need to take its rest.

I was chatting with my teammates over breakfast earlier when I received a message from my mother about what happened. And I was in shock because I was just telling the team about her complications. The evening before, I told myself I need to declare healing in the morning for I believe that she can get well. But my plans may not be His. My aunt breathed her last just a few hours after I said my prayers. Does God not answers prayers? Absolutely not. Only that the answers we expect may not be what is given to us.

What I learned after today is not about my aunt not getting well. Or how to cope up after a loss. Or how to be strong after such devastating situations.

But I learned that life here on earth is temporary. That sooner or later, all of us are headed home. That our journey while in our earthly form is an opportunity to touch others’ lives (My aunt’s a great mom and wife; great aunt to us though we’re not related by blood) and to declare God’s goodness. That who we live for in the temporary matters in eternity.

And yes, I believe in eternity. All of us choose where to head. I, myself, would like to go back home, and be together with my Heavenly Father who has set me where I am now, and the rest of my family, waiting for my return.