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Tonight I Say Goodbye

Clyn is one of my first friends in the University. We were block mates and she was just all friendly and we found out we were classmates in Hermosilla’s Math 17 class so we went to class together. Hah!

After several semesters, I left Econ, she stayed. We meet sometimes but of course, our circle became somewhat detached from each other. This didn’t stop us from texting and spending time still. Despite differences, it’s easy to keep a friendship where both of you are into it. 🙂

Clyn, Me, and Yan during my 18th birthday. Hahaha!

Clyn loves giving me trinkets as gifts. One of those gifts I received from her is a ring which she gave during my 19th birthday. It was so casually given, I am not sure whether the ring was the gift or the letter that came with it is what she really intended to give but thought it can’t go alone. Hehe.

Earlier, while I was in a conversation, I felt it suddenly broke.


This ring which I kept for almost a decade already meant a lot of things for me – it was a ring for Clyn and I’s friendship though we rarely see each other and it was a ring that became a symbol of my commitment to purity. It was so significant in those levels that I feel incomplete not wearing it.

Somehow, though, that breaking apart also gave me a different perspective on things.

Even if I won’t be able to wear this ring anymore, it doesn’t mean that I am breaking my friendship with Clyn. It will forever be there and I will always be grateful that there are friendly people in the world who talks to clueless, aimless kids (one of them was me in uni. Haha!)

Even if I won’t be able to wear this ring anymore, that doesn’t mean that my commitment to purity will be gone. That vow was beyond its symbol for it is a part of who I am.

And there are many things in this life that will be broken – for nothing is permanent in this world; but inexistence doesn’t mean the end. That held true for my ring and for the things that they held true in my life, whether I wear this on my finger or leave it on my dresser.