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Christmas Gift List: Item Number 3

It’s been quite a while since I have last updated my blog, and well, I have to be consistent with my weekly gift list so here (HAHAHA!)

Me and a few friends are talking over several things over Yahoo Messenger when suddenly, the term soul mate came up. Haha! This is a pretty popular subject I talk about with friends, especially, well, I don’t know why. 😛

Then VOILA! I remembered something I really wished to have but can’t find here in the Philippines. I have asked several friends abroad, too, to try find me one, but this item was out of stock in stores. So here, I just thought someone might find it and give me one. 😛

by author, Ravi Zacharias

It is a suggested read; plus, Isaac and Rebekah’s love story is one of my most admired ones from the Bible. I wish to read it – soonest. 😀


Christmas Gift List: Item Number 2

It’s Tuesday again and I decided to make this day my gift list day. Hehehe.

Last week, I have shared what my Item Number 1 is. For today, my item number two is an everyday staple. Hehehe. However, due to financial constraints (Hahaha!), it would be more helpful if someone give this to me.

What is it?


Bath and Body Works Gift Set in Sweet Pea

We have several PX shops here in the Philippines and they have some Bath and Body Works products but this variant is a rare find. I have not encountered it (Or I might have but how many times? Once?)

So if anyone with good soul among my friends and loved ones who would be kind enough to give me this, aaaay, I’ll hug you big time!!! 🙂


Christmas Gift List: Item Number 1

Well, yearly, eventhough I have in mind several items which I want to receive for Christmas, I don’t demand them from people. (But I tell them anyway, just in case they “feel” the need to give me a gift and they are having a hard time to decide what to get me. Hehehe.)

For 2009, I suddenly felt the urge (So that I won’t forget…) to post what I want for Christmas this year. I thought of doing this everytime I am reminded (Haha! Sorry if I somehow sound selfish. As what I’ve mentioned, I don’t demand. :P)

Anyways, since early this year, I have been looking for silver slingback flat sandals such as the photos below:

A simpler version of this is what I want. Hehe
Or this one will do... Simpler version, though. 😀

I’ve been looking far and wide for such thing; I’ve seen several people wear this – but I can’t find anything like this. 😦

Well, if you happen to know a store or a place or local online store who sells such kind of footwear, please let me know. In case nobody would give this to me as a gift for the holidays, I might as well give this as a gift to myself. Hehehe. 🙂 It would be better if you could suggest a cheaper one. Hahahaha! I’m keeping options open. 😛