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Mums and Sandwiches

Yesterday, my mum packed me sandwich for lunch. It was a good thing because my friends did not have their baon and it was an opportunity for us to eat out. 

Last week, when my mum packed me sandwich, the pantry was closed for an event. I was so impressed with her intuition that what I needed that day was only a sandwich so I can eat on my desk while working. 

Well, I am always impressed on how my mum knows everything aptly when they should be known; from how to arrange the cabinet, to cleaning the house, to when a sandwich is a more appropriate lunch than a rice meal, even to the most serious life decisions. This makes me value my parents’ wisdom all the more. 

I know that we, children without kids yet, would often clash with our parents. We think that they’re boxing us and we prefer to do things outside it. But there are times when their wisdom, experience, and authority are useful; and it’s usually most of the time. 

We know that the Bible tells us to honour our parents for this is the first commandment with a promise (Ephesians 6:1-4) but aside from honouring them with the usual ways we know and do, we can honour their wisdom in our life’s situations as well. 


Book Review: Under Cover by John Bevere

We all want our own ways and sometimes, a rule is something which we think holds us on into achieving our dreams and plans. But who would have thought that submitting under authority could make us all the more free than wandering around and journeying with our own ways?

Front page (Locally printed by OMF Literature)
Front page (Locally printed by OMF Literature)

John Bevere shares encounters in the Scriptures, personal experiences, and even stories shared of and by people close to him, on how obedience AND submission do not hold us captive, rather, give us more liberty to live life in all its fullness.

This book displays daring and honest discussions on how pride can pull you down, sin as something which we don’t popularly know of,  why faith and obedience are inseparable and why 99% obedience is not obedience at all (among others). At the same time, it shares to us how obedience could bring about promises and why it is safe and calm “under cover”.

Discover these and more as you go through the pages of this book and learn how obedience, not rebellion, could bring about promises into your life and know why it is more safe and calm “under cover”.


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