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Too Stubborn to Give In: Lessons from Brave

Shane and I was supposed to have our movie bonding two weeks ago but due to the inconsistent weather conditions in Manila, we were only able to catch one last weekend.

Brave is a story about young Merida who is princess of the land. Being the eldest in the family, she would need to take over some time soon, therefore, training her to become like a queen is necessary. And who can better do that job but the queen herself, Merida’s mom, Elinor.


Brave isn’t your typical princess story. What caught my attention first and made me want to watch it is Merida’s curly redhead. I am actually expecting some love interest in it (like what all princess movies have) but *spoiler* there is none. It didn’t disappoint me, though. Sometimes movies should really focus on other things rather than finding love; and like in this movie, it is pretty realistic that before focusing on a love life, we must learn a thing or two about just life first.

So if it isn’t romance-centric, what do I expect from Brave?

Parents and children should watch it. Most of the time, in a family, nobody wants to lose and everybody wants to prove a point. But what usually happens is all the more we want to win, we think we do but we end up losing our loved ones. I think this movie would help parents listen to and understand their children and children to try expressing themselves in a more pacified and un-rude manner if they want to express something.

If you’re not up for the family theme, I would still say that Brave is worth the watch because it tells how selfish humans could be. We would often want our way that we are willing to sacrifice things that really matter and end up being sorry for our impulsive and unwise decisions.

Drifting from the story, the movie has really good musical scoring, too! And don’t miss Pixar’s short film La Luna in the beginning (it’s a cute treat!)

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