Blog Hiatus and Whatnots

I’ve had quite a time deciding whether I should make a new blog or go on with steady life on the go because you know, sentimental value. Hehe.

But this morning, while trying to finish an online course at work, I thought that there are a lot of things that I encounter everyday, some of them I just can’t keep to myself sooo, I decided, yeah, keep on writing.

This site might need a little overhaul, though. I cringe upon the sight of my old posts and how I try to sound very crafty and that’s not how I want this to be. Moving forward, I’ll write because I encounter things that needs to be shared.



Winners Don’t Always Proceed

Yehey, it’s a Friday! And it’s almost over. I decided to post another entry for in time for the weekend – actually, still deciding whether to post entries on a regular basis and on consistent schedules, but we’ll see.

This time, as the week is about to end, I saw a quotation that says, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” This one is very popular and I’m sure a lot of us encountered it already and even used it to motivate ourselves when we feel like giving up. After all, we must finish whatever we started and stand by the choices we make.

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The Long Way Back Home

The first month of this new year is almost finished so I decided to go back to writing. I need to have the intention to begin so I can achieve something – at least concerning this blog – eventhough everything I write here is based on my experiences, encounters, and learnings.


It always takes a trigger before we decide to start with something or accomplish a goal. The New Year is always a good trigger. Continue reading “The Long Way Back Home”

We Were Young and Wild and Free

It was a sleepy afternoon in the office when I decided to take a break and read some online articles when I came across a news about a young beauty queen who resigned after some slur which was directed to her.

Part of the young lady’s interview mentioned that the remarks, which caused an outrage from several people, were done because and I quote,

I was careless. I was young. I did it recklessly.

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A Person’s Worth (Thoughts on Relationships and One’s Value)

I told myself that from now on, I will only ship real life couples. And not just real life ones but those who present exemplary values, both as individuals and as a couple. (I can hear some of my friends snorting at me for being *too* idealistic again but as I believe, ideals are hard to achieve but not impossible.)

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The Chronicles Part 3: Leaving (But Not on a Jetplane)

The last part of my three-series post is about life.

And death.

I was listening to a podcast a few days ago and the Pastor I was listening to said, “In death, we think about life.”

For sure, a lot of us do not even think that tomorrow might be our last. That’s why we plan ahead. But how sure are we that we still have more years to come.

But however you leave;

Whenever it’s going to happen,

The most important thing is…

Your life was well-lived.
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