A Brother’s Love

Apart from my friends, my siblings are my most loved people in the world (although it may not look like it sometimes. Hehehe.) 

There are times when we argue but I firmly believe (and I know they do to) that we got each other’s back. Especially in times of crises. 

In the book of Philemon, we witness how Paul and Philemon’s brotherly relationship is founded on the love of Christ. 

(For starters, the purpose of Paul’s letter to Philemon is to ask him to take back the slave Onesimo, who ran away from him. And of course, who would like to take back a slave who left his responsibilities from his master? Definitely not me!) 

Why was it acceptable, if not easy, for Paul to request Philemon to take back his slave? Because they have a brotherly relationship. 

Why did not Paul demand from Philemon to do what he wants ASAP? Because he values the relationship he has with his brother and since he can do a simple request instead of an order, then he’d take that path instead. 

Oftentimes, we are so busy reprimanding people for their mistakes, for things they forget, or tasks they did not complete that we forget to ask ourselves if we thought of building and strengthening our relationships with them. 

If instead of enforcing what we want, we extend care and understanding, disputes can be easily taken care of. Of course, challenges can still be there, but we are more considerate, and in simple ways, we make them feel our love. 

In such a toxic world as ours where many of us would impose our ways on others, be one who cares, considers, and understands. In our speech and in our actions, be that brother, who’s got another brother’s back despite differences, despite misunderstandings. 


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