Humane for a Zombie Movie – Thoughts on “Train to Busan” 

So I jumped into the bandwagon and watched Train to Busan in the cinema earlier. I was a bit nervous because we were bringing my mother along and I bought 4Dx tickets (I underestimated her capacity because the cinema made her awake the whole time. Hahaha!) 

            Original image from The Hollywood Reporter

* There may be spoilers beyond this point. *

So my BFF, Yan, forced me to watch this movie for two reasons: 

  1. We rode a train when we travelled from Busan to Seoul the one time we went to Korea and;
  2. She wanted us  to discuss it. Haha! 

And because everyone is raving about it, I gave in. And I might be the noisiest one in the cinema. 

Prior to knowing that this is a film about zombies, I thought it was just another action film. I was even surprised to know that Gong Yoo (the lead) is doing action. Lol. But more than the zombie theme of the movie, there really are a lot of things that marked to me:

  • Parents (most, if not all) do everything to make their children feel secure. They may not understand it when they’re younger, but as they grow, they would know that all sacrifices are for them (You’d find a convo about this scene in the movie.)
  • Self-preservation is our primary goal when caught up in a crisis. Which leads to – 
  • Selfishness. When people in train 15 were trying to shoo away the “new arrivals” because they might be infected, I was trying to dig my brain for situations when I try to turn down people because they might pull me down. It was not a pretty thing to remember. 
  • When you experience love (in the form of concern), from others, there is no way that you won’t be able to give it out as well. Huhu. So many noteworthy scenes. 
  • You can make it in life  even if it isn’t at another’s expense. Watch the movie to understand where this comes from. 

There are still a lot of reflections about the movie and how something you may assume as scary bring about lessons about our humanity; but I guess I was too restless to break them down into specifics. 

Also, I was rooting for Gong Yoo to survive!!! *ugly cry* 


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