We Were Young and Wild and Free

It was a sleepy afternoon in the office when I decided to take a break and read some online articles when I came across a news about a young beauty queen who resigned after some slur which was directed to her.

Part of the young lady’s interview mentioned that the remarks, which caused an outrage from several people, were done because and I quote,

I was careless. I was young. I did it recklessly.

Now I am not trying to be self-righteous here. I was once young, once careless (I still am at times), and have been reckless with my words and my actions as well. Upon reading her words, though, I suddenly reflected on those words…




People make mistakes, no matter what age they may be. But most of the time, the defense of being “young” that’s why you make mistakes and act “recklessly” has been a favorite excuse among the youth. Do we tolerate mistakes because someone is young and is not “mature” enough to be responsible with his or her actions? Should it not be that instead of blaming your life’s season, you learn from your mistakes and assess yourself what you can do differently the next time?

Apostle Paul told his apprentice Timothy (1 Timothy 4:12),

Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.

During my younger years and as I can see among the youth of today, these “young years” are usually the years when one struggles to be accepted; to be taken seriously by people older than they are. But if we keep on defending ourselves and our actions yet do nothing to change them or improve them if needed be, then our fight to be seen as an “adult” or a “mature person” is not worth it.

The Word said set an example even as you are young. Being mature and becoming a person of wisdom is not limited to one’s age. Your character and your actions will be your witnesses and defenders in this battle. Maturity, no matter how the time conceals it, will surface eventually, especially in situations when we need to be accountable for our words and our actions.

Instead of saying that you are young and careless and reckless, take responsibility. Apologise if you need to; or be firm with the truth of your convictions. Be a better person day by day.


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