A Person’s Worth (Thoughts on Relationships and One’s Value)

I told myself that from now on, I will only ship real life couples. And not just real life ones but those who present exemplary values, both as individuals and as a couple. (I can hear some of my friends snorting at me for being *too* idealistic again but as I believe, ideals are hard to achieve but not impossible.)

I’ve been a fan of a reel life couple and followed them for quite a time. However, when one came out to disprove that this pair ever has a chance, I woke up to reality; a reality not just about this couple but as to how most people see others.

In breakups, it is a general impulsive remark to wish that the one left behind would find someone who is much better. I am guilty of this myself, and I know I need to acknowledge it to be corrected.

Isn’t that too superficial?

Who is the better man?

Is a woman’s worth measured only by the guy she is seeing or is in a  relationship with?

This generation needs to redefine its view of relationships and individuality. We always think of what we will become if only someone becomes our partner when we don’t even think what good can we be to them. We always think we deserve to be served and to just take everything in without planting an investment on our relationships, existing or soon to come.

We always compare.

We always want to be better.

Yet we, ourselves, don’t strive to be better.


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