The Chronicles Part 1: Power to the People

Before anything else, I would like to make clear that this entry is not about the current situation in one of our fellow ASEAN brother nation. My understanding about the current situation in Thailand is too limited and giving a big chunk of opinion is not necessary at the moment (I can always talk about it with friends or people who know more about the subject than I do.)

Enough of disclaimers; it has almost been a month since my last post and I wanted to make up for it by posting a three-part series about today’s devotion, to be posted tonight, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. I’m sure those who follow PBS’s 2014 The Bible in One Year guide would know today’s chapters; which I hope brought them a lot of inspiration it did me as well. Tonight’s entry will be about 1 Chronicles 28:10 and encouragement.

So take this seriously. The LORD has chosen you to build a Temple as his sanctuary. Be strong, and do the work.” (1 Chronicles 28:10 NLT)

David was empowering his son, Solomon, who is set to succeed his throne as king. Discounting all possible thoughts of David’s favoritism (as some might think of. Hehe. We only know a part of the story of their lives so let us not assume.), those word of encouragement he gave his son was something Solomon could hold on to as a child.

A lot of us are afraid to be entrusted with something. We always have this notion that we do not want to take responsibility for the possibility of just messing things up. There can be a lot of causes we can trace back from the past where somebody pitied us, looked down at us, never trusted us – but seriously, when it is God who entrusts you with something the way He entrusted Solomon to build His temple, more than the fear, we should feel the honor! Imagine the King of kings and Lord of lords trusting you?! It’s even greater achievement than having your boss trust you for a particular project! People who do not believe you don’t matter at all when the One who matters most do.

When God is giving us a task, He knows what we are capable of. He knows what we can do; He knows what we can learn throughout the process; and He knows what He getting Himself into. Of course you have the choice to mess things up when you want to for the heck of it (like “Bad trip-in ko nga si Lord para di na ako ang piliin Niya next time”), but when we are trusted, the one who trusts us knows we can live up to it and be responsible.

Most of the time, people would get timid because of the wrong impression they have of themselves, which is just a product of their wrong impression and understanding of who God is. But for the record, God trusts you! He knows what He is doing. He has given you a task, He knows you are not perfect but for that task? Oh, boy, no one could be more fit than you are!

Let us stop comparing ourselves with other people and stop thinking the result would be better if others do it! If you still do, go back to God. Know who He is and know who you are before Him and know what you are now because of His Son. If you know who you are before God, you can let go of that negative self impression and become an encouragement to someone who is having a hard time recognising the trust God is giving.

Personally, people think I am confident as a person because of what I can do. Truth is, I have a lot of fears; add to that, I really am an introvert. But that will never stop me from taking responsibility when asked to. After all, accomplishing what is entrusted to me is a form of giving back to the Lord what He has blessed me with and giving to other people by being an encouragement. I take every task as an opportunity, not a burden. This way, I help others discover that if I can, they have something they can do, too.

Have you been an encouragement today? In what way?


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