Parents, Do Not Lie to Your Children

In the Philippines, many of us were brought up in an environment where elders will say whatever they want to say to try convince the younger ones to do something. Elders usually supply a promise, which in the end, never gets fulfilled. As a result, you have a devastated child who used to be so full of hope which are now shattered dreams.

I believe there has been a lot of expectations with parents. They have been judged because of their parenting skills and their ways. Every parent is expected to be good, if not better. With the pressure society brings upon them, not to mention the changing environment where their children longs for more, they will try to find the easy way out. Usually, they resort to making big (or even small) promises they never intended to fulfill.

I don’t know. Maybe this has been a reason why it’s so hard for some people to trust, because the first people whom they have given it to did not value it. Parents and elders become too hasty in promising their children things they can never give or do not want to give. What values have we left the younger generation with then?

This is a personal post. I’ve been observing people around me and anywhere I go, this is relevant. We say we wanted to train up children the way they should go so when they are old, they never depart from those BUT are we sure we are giving the right training?

In any relationship, trust is very important. Why do some parents seem to not bother try earning their children’s trust the way that children would always have to gain their parents’? Doesn’t authority come with responsibilities? I think parents and people in authority should value accountability the way that they’re enjoying the privilege of authority given to them.

I know nothing about parenting and I am not trying to give an advice as well. But I am a child.

Just my two cents…>


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