Carry On


In a few hours, another year will become part of the past. Many people would think about things they want to achieve this coming year. That happens yearly but very few are able to keep up with their ‘resolutions’.

Do we always need to start anew? Maybe there are some things you have left off that you need to reconsider or probably, close. When our minds focus on starting again, we usually end up not achieving anything because we want everything fresh; not taking into consideration that another year is another chance to push on what has been stunted.

As the clock strikes 12 to signal that it’s the 1st of January, I would say I don’t want to start on a clean slate because that can never happen when memories become a part of myself – with mistakes, lessons, and corrections which already took place in my life. I just want to continue the things I’m doing right, improve on the things which I know could be better, and take the next step/s on the goals which I want to attain.

Cheers to 2014!


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