What is Your Name?

It’s a steady Saturday so I had time browsing on blogs and trying to create an itinerary, which I am still not in the mood completing. Guess I like the pressure of a few days left before I travel before coming up with something.

So because of this pleasant weekend (and a long one at that since Monday’s a holiday here in Manila), I had a chance to listen to music as well. One of them is Matthew West’s ‘Hello, My Name Is’.

Names have always been  special to me because my name doesn’t have a specific meaning. Yeah. :-/ And names say so much about a person eventhough most parents don’t really know what the future is going to be like for their children. A name is a declaration and a vision.

Have you been called names that have wounded you in the past and are still scarring you now? Has anyone called you something which you do not want or not true but is starting to take a toll in your life just because it was declared upon you? Someone has been through that; and it’s not just me.

“He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.”

– John 1:11 (NIV)

When Jesus was here on earth, everyone had been calling Him a prophet; the Messiah. He was popular. Everyone wanted Him and His miracles. But when events turned out as it should be, everyone had been calling Him names which He didn’t deserve until he breathed His last breath. And guess what? He endured all those name-calling and those condemnations you and I received (and still will receive) and those were nailed with Him on the Cross. Jesus restored our identity in the Father.

“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God—”

– John 1:12 (NIV)

And there was a promise. So whatever names your past, present, or future call you with, remember that you have a name which was already set for you by your Father through Jesus. You only need to believe it and live by it.


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