Wishing that Pets go to Heaven, Too

I am from a family of pet lovers. I love our pets but never really took much of a responsibility on them because of my “busy” life. Last June, my friend from the office gave me a pet dog, which was supposedly hers but never really have a time to take care of. Since the dog looked cute and is just small and easy to handle, I agreed. Named him Kenji since all the recent dogs in the family have Japanese names (We have Shinji and Chibi) After all, I thought my mom would take care of him most of the time and I’ll just play with him when I have time.

We always bring Kenji to car rides. Since he’s small, he’s easy to manage and is very behaved.
This is him when he’s tired playing.
He grew bigger than this. And I missed the one-month old Kenji.

But you know, I would attest to people saying that taking care of a pet makes you more responsible for your actions. I told myself I would not really be hands-on with him but well, to my surprise, I was! Not because he’s gone already but really, there are a lot of good things I can say about Kenji. He was very hyper; he’s everyone’s pick-me-upper even if he’s borderline naughty. He has this favourite cheetah plushie who has died countless times already because he’s “killing” it always.

“Potty training” so he knows where he can just take a dump and wiwi
Pleading to be rescued. He was kept there for a while so he learns his lesson.
One of Kenji’s funny moments caught on cam. Imagine, he has a lot more we fail to capture! I will surely miss this. 😦
Making pa-cute and pa-baby all the time.
Well-disciplined after a few weeks. Behaved even when you bring him to the bigger dogs.

He’s also very sweet. He loves making himself comfortable in everyone’s presence. But then he’s very brave as well. He knows who to attack and when. Kenji is also a friendly dog. A neighbour just moved nearby and they have a pet dog who has become his BFF when he was still here. Sadly, when I go home tomorrow, I will never see his pa-bibo barks and running-towards-me already. It was really good while it lasted. I will forever miss and love this beautiful dog.

Kenji’s last photo. We were at the vet then and all he wants is just sleep and hide himself inside my arms.
He died peacefully earlier, even before I got home from church meeting. He went out last night, maybe feeling ashamed and burdened that he’s sick. Honestly, I didn’t mind taking care of him even if I have to force feed him and make him drink his meds. Thought the crying stopped but here it goes again…

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