Typhoons, Vacations, and Reading (and Blogging!)

For those who have not been familiar yet, the Philippines was hit by a tropical storm since last weekend. School and work have been suspended in most areas because floods have been everywhere. I would have started my vacation since last Tuesday, 20th August, if my flight has not been cancelled, too! But since the weather is unstable and the airline crew might be affected by the storm, hence, not able to go to work, our flight has been included among the cancellations *insert bawling face here*

And because of the storm, my leaves, and not being able to go to work because it’s my scheduled vacation, I decided I should pick up on my reading! Haha! After all, I’m the head of the book club we have in the office and What use am I as a club head if I haven’t been reading a book every once in a while. (Allow me to blame my being a sleepyhead for this, please.)

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So I decided to pick up my iPad and scroll on the books I’ve always wanted to read but never got the chance, the books my friends gave me, or the books I just thought might be a good read (though aren’t really).

Some of my e-books. But I still have a lot of paper books which I haven’t opened yet. 😥

I finished 3 books in a week already! Alex Flinn’s my favourite for the moment (the way John Green was a few months before but I still haven’t read Abundance of Katharines) and I would have to say, I am thankful of flight cancellations and flight delays (there’s always good to every situation!)

Right now, I’m off to my next read, Breathing Underwater (another from Alex Flinn! I still don’t have 3 of her books so if you have Fade to Black, Nothing to Lose, and Breaking Point, I would appreciate if you can share it with me :P) Let’s see how we’ll go with this since I’m in Bangkok and I plan to stay out late with my sister to eat lots of their delicious food some evenings.

(Also, this vacation took me back to updating this blog. Woot!)


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