Off to Another Adventure

Two hour flight delay and another two after the two. >.<

The skies are pretty calm. The other side was a little dark a while ago but right now, there’s an extreme show of sunshine; which is good.

I was bound for Thailand last Tuesday and earlier that day, I have been waiting for PAL to announce the cancellation of my flight since it has been raining non-stop and floods are everywhere. I was supposed to go to Chiang Mai before Bangkok and I thought (and have high hopes) that our evening flight would push through. But cliché as it may sound, of course, it didn’t. Passengers have been raging since the airline allowed us to check in and announce flight cancellation a lot of minutes after our supposed boarding time, saying it’s because of the weather when it’s been a good evening safe for travel and truth is the crew didn’t came in. And given the cancellation, my Chiang Mai trip is down the drain. 😦 I would not want to go to Kanchanaburi for my elephants and tigers.

Now is a better day for travel. For sure this flight won’t be cancelled (although we’ll be delayed for like two hours, myheadissplittingfromwakingupat4am). The weather is safe enough for a trip and hopefully, my fellow Filipinos are recovering from the devastation brought by the storm.


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