Do What You Need to Do

Did you ever had that inkling to do something which you need to do because you are the only one who can do it?

It was Tutuban day for me and my friends, Jeck and Joy. This was scheduled because I needed to get cloth for my dress for my friend, Lei’s wedding. Aside from being able to purchase my finds, I was happy because I didn’t exceed my budget and got to ride the PNR. It’s not like I like riding the PNR but it is the easiest, even though not most comfortable, way of getting to my cheapskate shopping place.

Since we transferred house already, the nearest station is the one in Sucat. And since my most awesome brother, EJ, volunteered to fetch me (maybe because he’s bored on a Saturday without ROTC), we went down on Sucat and waited for him.
During the wait, me and my friends saw a grandma and her grandson. They were supposed to go down one station before but missed the sign. You know how cramped PNR can be most of the time! They walked ahead already after asking directions from the station guard but went back a bit for a reason I know nothing about.
While on their way not so far ahead, my brother came and I told him maybe we could get lola and the boy ride with us until the waiting shed for them to get to a jeepney. Good thing they were walking calmly (it was a pretty hot day and the terminal was way far to venture given the weather!)

They thanked us and gave a blessing. It was delighting!

We could have went our way and we could have just let them go theirs. But when you know you got to do something, you got to do it. Not only will you feel satisfied, you’d also feel fulfilled that you did not heed the call to be a blessing.


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