“You are free. You just don’t know it yet.” Some Reflections on Redeeming Love


Many would bet that Michael Hosea would get a perfect woman for a wife. And why wouldn’t they? He has always been Mr. Perfect himself!

Then one day he met Angel – the most sought-after soiled dove in Pair-a-Dice. Despite her reputation, Michael has nothing but love for her; but until when? He maybe able to accept Angel’s present even if all she wants to do is get rid of him, but can he accept the darkest corners of her past? How long can he stand her resistance and her rebellion?


I actually forgot how I came across the book Redeeming Love. I might have read a blog entry or another book which may have quoted a line or two and have left an impact on me. At that very moment, I just knew I had to get a copy for myself (But until this date, the only that I have is an ebook. If you know where I can get a copy, please give me a heads up.😊)


Not many are familiar with the story of Hosea from the Bible – the story where author Francine Rivers adapted Redeeming Love from. I tell you, though, his life’s misery could compete to that of your favorite teleseryes. Hosea was a righteous man; a prophet even! But God called him to marry the harlot, Gomer. Despite all the love Hosea gave his wife, she keeps on coming back to her old ways and he keeps on getting her back from the pit.


My heart has been heavy while reading the book. I won’t get into much details (trying me best not to).

More than what happened to Angel in the past or her resistance of Michael, it pained me more on how some people (even the seemingly good ones) could judge Angel as if she doesn’t deserve the chance (the seventy time seven part was left on me). It pained me how Angel tried to be strong for herself despite breaking down inside from all that she’s been through and all the mockery she’s gotten. It pained me that such person cannot accept love because she thinks she doesn’t deserve it and that she is loved.


*Excuse the fangirl in me*

I wanna gush over how Michael Hosea is the perfect ideal man. Some skeptics may argue that he’s got messianic tendencies but let’s put that aside. To me he’s close to perfect for he acknowledged that he isn’t. The guy knows what he was doing, he accepts his shortcomings, and he recognizes his limitations (I’m only a tool, beloved, not your Savior.) He has feelings – feelings that sometimes tried to overcome his faith and stand but were kept under the control of the One that is greater than him.

I wanna gush over how beautiful Angel could be that everyone who’d see her would always take notice! She may be hard-headed and hard-hearted and callous but she gave in to love and let it weakened all those defenses the way it does someone’s knees. Angel might have looked down on her self because she didn’t know her identity but when she opened herself to the Light, she was able to understand that she may not deserve to be accepted, to be loved yet she is. That also made her learned to love and forgive – not only others but most importantly, herself.

I wanna gush over how perfect Michael and Sarah (Angel’s real identity) were together (Maybe He figured the horns in your head fit the holes in mine. Ooh…! How romantic! ❤) The threads of their lives fitted perfectly into a grand weave by the Ultimate Weaver! (Ok, don’t let me get into the details and find out yourself. 😊)


I want to get into what I learned from this book but I think I shall reserve it for another entry. With all that’s been said, you need not ask me anymore whether I would recommend this for you to read. 😊 Go ahead and discover what it’s like to be loved and love.


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