Trust and Chances

It was my first town hall meeting earlier in my recent company. I learned a lot of things but two stood out the most.

First, the origin of the word credit. Well, we always associate this with money and/or lending. Some people try so hard to prevent it while others are used to having it all the time. Hehe.

However, as what one of the big bosses in the organization mentioned earlier upon discussing the credit reputation of the company (very banker lang ako ngayon), credit came from the Latin word Credo which means “I trust you”. So when you allow someone to have a credit from you, it means you trust that that person will pay, or; when you give credit to someone, it means that you trust that person did the job well. (I am having a convo with Mareng Kaye aka Bea, while doing this post. :P) It’s a big word for me. Probably the origin is where creed got its name, too?


Second, big boss also shared some things regarding career development, something where most of us from the audience could draw inspiration from. He said take chances. The result you may get may not be what you are expecting but it can be greater.

While I tend to calculate a lot and be skeptic about everything and not grab all the opportunities at hand and believe that you can get the worst result of the chance you took, I believe there are several instances when waiting or letting go is not always applicable. We just need to be wise on our choices.



Just a short post after being on a kind of long hiatus. Some things I need to get out of my head. I hope I can upload photos to embed soon. Ayayayay!


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