K-BFFs in Seoul – Day 4: What is Sosyal? Prologue


A colloquial adjective, a Filipino Language slang, describing a person who is classy, or someone who is ostentatiously wealthy. (cr: Urban Dictionary)

This day was reserved solely for Seoul’s sosyal areas – Apgujeong and Gangnam. As per most people I talked to, this is the area where most wealthy people live. I don’t really know but for sure, a lot of important happenings usually take place here. Somehow, you could attest to the comments just by looking at what Google has to say once you type in the names of these locations – designer brands, convention centers, 5-star hotels – all the works. 🙂

I love Gangnam because this is where I stayed when I first came to Korea. It gave me a warm welcome so it will always have a special place in my heart. 😀

We started our day by attending a 10am service at Jubilee Church in Apgujeong. 🙂 I was extra sleepy that morning (sleepier than my usual sleepy self) and I hope I didn’t snooze myself much during the preaching. Starting the week with worship is definitely the way to go! The people were friendly and it feels like home. There was also a newcomer’s orientation but Yan and I didn’t attend anymore because we won’t be staying in Seoul for a long time (Maybe next time we’re back. *wink*)

After the service, we explored the neighborhood. Since yesterday’s weather is too hot for autumn, we thought that skirts and long sleeved dresses could help us survive but we were wrong. T_T We pretty much managed to stand the cold winds blowing but not without shivering every now and then. Add to that, the red letter arrived the front porch without any notice – which turned out to be a good thing because it forced us to go to a convenience store to ask for directions on how to get to Rodeo Street. The young lady manning it was very kind to take the effort. (However, we were crept out by some guy who told us he wanted to know more about us. Errr… Or maybe he’s just being friendly. Hehe.)

Tried the cab and subway has been our second home. 😛 Now it’s time for our first bus ride in the city of Seoul!

As we got into the bus, we were still confused on where Hanyang Apt. is. But again, kind people were all over where we went to 🙂 and with my handy Hangeul, a kind halmeoni helped us to where we should get off.

We got off Rodeo Street but where did we really go? Find out on the next post. *grins*


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