K-BFFs in Seoul – Day 3: Who is Mac Park? (Highlight: Lotte World/Star Avenue)

Being the one who created our itinerary, Star Avenue surely made it to the list of must-gos! 😛  The place was a showcase of celebrities who endorse Lotte World.

My only concern of plotting this in our itinerary is 2PM but Yan’s concern (aside from 2PM) were (in order of relevance) Song Seung Heun, Jang Geun Seuk, Hyun Bin, and Rain. Ok. That was like almost everyone! 😛

She really didn't miss her chance. Hahaha!

There were several features inside the Star Avenue Hall. However, we did not explore it anymore because we aren’t very keen in doing stuff as drama dubbing. Hehehe.The mirror displays are enough to make us go 0.0 already (or maybe I’m just too easily impressed? :P)

Some of the other celebrity endorsers of Lotte World
My only concern here 😛 ♥

Yan's bias is...
My bias changes from time to time. Haha! I intentionally blurred the name of the one who owns this palm. Your freedom to make a guess. Hehe. 😛
Weeee! Overload ♥
Could one of them be Mac Park? Hahahaha! I'm totally fangirling, pardon me.

We explored a little of the mall right after. Didn’t push through with the Lotte World rides because they appear to be giving only a little adrenaline rush. Hehe. (I’d go to Everland the next time I go to Korea.)

Amused Yan took a photo of this shop in the mall.

We ate dinner at Lotte World and played hide-and-seek with a kid. 😛 Lotteria is their famous fastfood here – the Jollibee of Korea, I’d say.


Tiring day but it was fun, yippee yay! When we got home, the kids are really gone. Awww. But we had new floormates – fellow tourists from Malaysia. They were a nice bunch of friends and it wasn’t awkward being with this because they would always strike a welcoming conversation. 🙂

P.S. We were supposed to go to Jamsil but we didn’t push our luck anymore. Aside from the fact that we don’t have tickets, we wanted to rest a little. Tomorrow’s church day. 🙂

Lotte World/Star Avenue

Jamsil Station, line 2 (this is what we took) or line 8

Take exit 4


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