Achievements, Farewells, and Beginnings

So yesterday was a zombie day for me. I spoke at the recognition event on my high school in the morning and I came with my family for my brother’s high school graduation in the afternoon. A rundown of the events and observations:

1. No matter how you’re used to it, jitters always come in handy when you are going to do something in front of a crowd. Whew! I’m glad it’s done.

2. Never in my life did I imagine having a conversation with my first serious crush. What more, we were seated right next to each other on the stage yesterday (not to mention something else. Haha! No telling, it’ll be too obvious na.) It isn’t awkward, though. You know, one thing that really is inevitable in life is change. Had it been my 13-year old self doing the talk yesterday, I’d probably sit there totally tongue-tied. Hahaha! (But then I realized, he has always been my epitome of a perfect guy. Nobody with the sames specs actually followed suit. :P)

3. No matter what experiences you have had with your teachers in the past, they will always be happy to see you. Yes, the will reminisce on who you were and the things you have done (some might be embarrassing!) but they would feel proud of what you have been after all the years that have passed.

4. The speech you have given in elementary would most likely sound like a declamation piece. 😉 I listened to the way the elementary first honor delivered her talk and it’s really like that. I wonder if it’s the same for everyone.

5. It’s never embarrassing to meet your old friends! I’m so happy seeing some of my classmates yesterday. Haha! We might not have seen each other for such a long time but being able to talk with them about random things is super awesome!

6. Remembering how idealistic you were when you were younger. 😛

7. Parents would always feel proud of their children.

8. Bonds are built to last. I saw how my brother’s pre-school love interest being truly grateful with my mom and my brother’s godmother. I mean as kids, my brother and her grew apart but the family ties were still there. :’)

9. Never say never. I told myself I’d never speak in an event for my school because I was shy. Haha! Fail.

10. With all the time that has elapsed, God is always good. There’s always a reason to be thankful. There’s always a reason to celebrate.


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