That Piece of Land

I am a person who loves any body of water but certainly cannot swim. I still love it, though I know it could kill myself if go into a deeper part of it. No wonder the Israelites were afraid of crossing the Red Sea when they were set to a journey towards the Promised Land.

A lot of us might be familiar with how the Israelites behaved during the journey; heck, they were complaining even when they were still in Egypt! Then again, they were all set to return to the land promised to them until they came across the sea. And for their reactions, I suggest you read Exodus 14: 11-12. And oh, it hit me! I’m so guilty of such!

Like the Israelites, most of us trust God only until we see no land anymore. And I personally learned that I need to hold on to faith and realize that even if the other side of the ocean is out of sight, He could lift up the waters for us to pass.


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