KBFFs in Seoul – Day 2: What is “A” Lifestyle? (Highlight: Myeongdong)

Note: You will see a lot of Seoul entries highlighting on Myeongdong. After all, it’s my favorite shopping place and it’s Yan’s favorite area in the city. 🙂

We went home after our Hongdae trip. I changed into my sandals and Yan, despite the freezing 4 degrees, opted to wear her Havaianas. (Summer mode on!  But I wished I brought slippers because I will definitely wear them, too, given our feet’s condition!)

Hehehe. Sandals/slippers + cold autumn don't match? Think again.

Myeongdong was the only shopping place I visited in 2010 due to lack of time. It has been my favorite shopping place ever since because it was easy to explore. Yan adored the place! Hahaha! Tonight is the night we shop – not for ourselves but for the items which several friends and family members requested us to buy. There are still some which we were not able to get yet but we decided to find them on the next days instead (because it’s already getting late.) After the fast shopping, we headed on here:

This is one of the food places which immediately caught our attention while planning for our trip. 😉 Plus, if you don't know yet, I'm a big green tea/macha/nokcha fan sooo there. 😀

O’Sulloc is more than just a tea place/cafe. They really grow and export tea. Having one of these, though, is a bright idea to expand their reach to individual customers. Lots of people our age were the ones hanging out when we were here.

We ordered the jasmine cake and the green tea cheesecake. It was a bliss! Who wouldn’t want that the lingering scent of jasmine tea or the bitter taste of green tea on your cake? Not too many, but we do. ♥

Jasmine tea cake - Perfume in your mouth LOL ♥
Green Tea Cheesecake ♥.♥
Ish-li-pi! It's too cold, I can feel hives making its way on my face.
😛 We love taking photos of table napkins.

To conclude our second day, we decided to be a little adventurous and tried out some soondae (blood sausage) which I happen to like, and our ever favorite odeng, before heading to this secret shop within the Myeongdong subway station. *grin*

On our way home, after the subway line transfer, we met our new Thai friends at the station. They were probably done with their shopping already judging from the bags they have with them (some were for friends, though, as they said.) We parted ways at the station near our home because they need to be getting someting while we needed to rest our feet, hoping the corns will go away overnight (which was not the case, by the way.)

The day was long but we had our good night rest and it helped cure our feet. Such a shame; if you notice, there aren’t too many Myeongdong photos for this evening. Stay tuned to more posts! 🙂

Going to Myeongdong:

The easiest thing you could do is take the subway: Line 4, Myeongdong station. It’s pretty easy to navigate once you’re there. 😀


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