Remembering My First University Crush

Last week, UPCAT results were released. Of course, a lot of people had some time reminiscing about the time they first set their foot in the university. And I was one of them. 😛


My parents did not like me attending UP, particularly the Diliman campus. For them, there is too much liberation and I may get corrupted. I insisted; not because I want to be corrupted (LOL) but because it has been where I wanted to study. Ever since. And this was something I prayed for so hard and I just knew I will qualify, and when I did, there’s no point of letting it go.

*end of segway*

I have lots of fond memories of UP. ☺ I never regretted that I chose to study here. Meet a lot of people, learned a lot, had a different look on things… Another thing that I would always remember is my first college crush. Hahaha. Geez.

It was the second day of classes. I was terribly lost in the university, I did not attend my classes the first day because we had a college orientation (You know, akala mo parang high school lang na excuse ka sa klase kapag may orientation kayo. So I wasn’t worried. Yun pala grounds yun for cancellation of your slot in the class. #afraid) I didn’t attend my first class on the second day, too, dahil sa maling akala (E mas strict pala si prof ko sa Soc Sci 2! Buti na lang she let it pass.) so I just attended my second class after the university orientation  – Math 17.

So I was there, riding the Toki jeep going to Math. When it was time for us to get off the jeep, the guy I was seated across to, being his most un-gentleman self went off before me. (I don’t know with the other women but I still value chivalry, thank you.) Walang pansintabi. Talagang mahangos ang pagbaba niya e hindi naman oras ng klase nun para siya magmadali.

Then the person beside him was Jansport (this is my/our code name for him because it’s the bag he uses). I was too disappointed with kuya 1 pero Jansport, making me get off first in a way I can’t explain, did it all to make my mood shift. Hehe. Ang hayskul nito ano pero natuwa ako sa ginawa niya.

So I found out he’s a freshman, too. He was also having his Math 17 class on the room next to mine and he’s from Engineering because that section was reserved for several Engineering blocks. (Not that I researched for it a. It was from kwentos from my classmates since our section is a mix of people from different colleges. And I’m not making excuses or reasons. Hehe. #defensive)

All throughout the semester, we would be riding the same jeep off Math. Or I will pass by him in the building while we were waiting for the class before ours be dismissed. It was extended because I failed Math 17 during the first take. I assumed he also failed because I saw him on a Math 17 class the following semester, too. Hahaha!

Semesters passed. I would sometimes see him all over the place. If I remember it right, we were even introduced to each other by a friend’s friend he was with when me and my friend watched a Maroons game in Araneta. But the rain was heavy then, I didn’t caught his name.

And I never found it out.


2 thoughts on “Remembering My First University Crush

  1. About the guy who got off ahead of you, it’s probably because his professors and friends are mostly feminists. I knew this woman from St. Scho… She would never let me walk on the “danger side”, so it was really funny walking with her once. And I can’t help it… because when I was 13-years old, my high school classmate gave me an unforgettable lecture in the street that men should walk on the danger side. I can still hear her words, years later. So when women ask me about it, I say: “Elisa Padua Rules”… those as The Rules for me 🙂

    Oh yes… you never know when you might meet the guy again… but don’t wait 25 years 🙂

    1. Nah… I don’t think having feminists around him would be the reason for his action. I was about to get off *obviously* yet he *intentionally* beat me to it. Whatevs, I don’t even remember his face, only what he did.

      Not really waiting for it to happen. It would be amusing, though, if we happen to see each other again some time in the future.

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