K-BFFs in Seoul – Day 2: What is “A” Lifestyle? (Highlight: Nami Island)

Warning: Image-heavy

After struggling to walk 120 meters yesterday and earning corns as a reward, Yan and I still decided we should not waste the chance of donning something “fall-y” (Ugh. Sorry for the lack of better term.) So even with aching feet, we still donned our boots. (I was never one who chooses fashion over comfort but this was among the rare moments I have to do so. Hindi ba pwedeng fashion + comfort na lang all the time?)

Good morning, Beotigogae!

Being the adventurous spirits that we are, instead of purchasing the Nami Island bus package tour (which includes the bus ride to Gapyeong + Nami Island entrance fee), we opted to take the subway (I tell you, I’m the Seoul Metro expert! Just don’t include line 1 here,ok? Haha!)

Photo of Seoul Metro map - The opening of the Gyeongchun (경천) line made it easy for everyone to travel to and from Gapyeong without having to take line 1. LOL. I'm very averse with that line, I'm sorry.

It was such a breeze! With just three line transfers, we were at the Sangbong on our way to Gapyeong!

It was a long ride to Gapyeong – took us about an hour and a half so we (particularly I) took this opportunity to sleep (Well, I sleep almost everywhere. Sometimes I wonder if I have narcolepsy. Just kidding.)

Yan and I's subway photo and Gapyeong hello! - A kind ahjumma offered to take our photos after seeing us having hard time taking selcas. Hehe. 고마워요! The two photos beneath is taken outside the Gapyeong station.

I think we’re pretty blessed to meet people from the very beginning of the trip, and nice ones at that. This time we met a Thai (yes, another one) father and daughter team (Haha! Sounds Amazing Race?) whose names we didn’t manage to get (yet again). 😦 (We had a photo with the daughter, though, but it was on her camera! On how we could ever track them out, only heaven could lead us!) We traveled together until we reached Gapyeong and parted in the ferry since we don’t know what their plans are in Nami. 🙂

Two ways of getting to the island: zipline and ferry
I guess it's pretty obvious how we got there. Remember, I love everything that has to do with above the water. Hehe. Besides, the zipline would be less thrilling as per experience.

Nami Island is a place outside of Seoul. It’s oftentimes referred to as a republic – another territory, because it has a feel of another place – outside of South Korea, I guess. 🙂

Welcome top Nami Island!
The island was named after General Nami.

Though you can experience foliage in Seoul, it is an experience to see it in Nami; well, aside from the fact that the Korean drama Winter Sonata had some scenes shot here (and I havent watched that thing yet.) So let me take you to our little tour around Naminara.

The squirrels here are so hyper!
LOL I still look like I need more sleep.


Awwww... ♥
Isn't this beautiful? ♥

Yes! There's wildlife in Nami. This one is too busy.

Lost in translation 😛

Perfect place if you are a big fan of the drama 🙂
Lots of (cute) kids...
... And not so young kids.

We spent almost the whole day in this place. We had a lot of fun and photoshooting (errr… If this is an acceptable word)! 😀

It was around 4pm when we decided to leave the island, go home, have supper, and mellow down on our footwear. But before we did such, we went to Hongdae first.

See you again, soon!

How to go to Nami Island via the Seoul Metro Subway:

1. Ride the subway going to Taereung station (Line 7).

2. From Taereung, travel to Sangbong station (same line).

3. From Sangbong (line 7), transfer to the Gyeongchun line and take the train that will bring you to Gapyeong station.

4. Upon reaching the Gapyeong station, take a cab and tell the driver to bring you to Nami (this should cost around 3,000 to 5,000 KRW only). You will be dropped off to the parking lot where the ferry dock is near.

5. Purchase Nami Island visa (this includes a RT ferry ride, 8,000 KRW as of January 2012).

6. Fall in line on the ferry dock and prepare yourself to the journey to the island. 😀


2 thoughts on “K-BFFs in Seoul – Day 2: What is “A” Lifestyle? (Highlight: Nami Island)

    1. Thank you! It will probably be a white Nami Island waiting for you next month. I hope I can finish my stories within the month. Enjoy and will wait for your stories as well.

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