Movie Review: I Do

It’s a steady Saturday night and after having dinner, I decided to browse on the television channels for an interesting program. Got to switch it to Cinema One and hoped that a light rom-com is on – and yes, my wish was fulfilled as I Do is currently on. My baby, Inna, has been recommending this film for the longest time already but I had no chance to get a copy and watch it myself. Thankful for cable channels.

The movie stars Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales who plays Lance and Yumi, respectively. Yumi is the typical college girl who has always dreamed of meeting “the one”. Then she met Lance, a boy who came from a traditional Chinese family. Despite differences, conflicts, and oppositions from their families (well, particularly that of Lance’s) and sometimes, their friends, the two still decided to be together. And then Yumi gets pregnant. The top of mind solution: getting married!

Lots of twists and turns happened within the story. It’s so hard for me to enumerate everything but the point is, it seems like fate doesn’t want the two to be together. In the end, they still managed to get married but it wasn’t a smooth ride.

This was the first mainstream movie for the Enchong-Erich team-up (or correct me if I’m wrong). Although during this time, acting-wise, they aren’t at their finest yet, the characters they portrayed would grow on you (I might consider myself a fan of these two in the future. Hehe.) Add to that, the supporting casts would really help you enjoy the film (If Lance has his traditional Chinese folks, Yumi has her traditional Filipino family as well. Haha! And Yumi’s three friends are hilarious. Seriously, you have to watch out for them especially for Bernard’s love definitions!)

Aside from the comedy dose, the movie also has a thing or two to share about life. I particularly like the part where Lance was having a hard time to choose between the love of his life and his family. Will he take responsibility? Also, I like how Yumi’s realizations about marriage transformed from just an ideal or necessary –  about herself or her pregnancy or her child – to something more.

I may be a rom-com fan but I don’t recommend everything I watch 😛 but I would say I Do is a must see.

Poster from MovieNews.


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