Last Friday of the Year

Been kinda masipag with writing these days because it seems like a lot of things are happening everywhere. Geez. It’s just the beginning of 2012 but… Well, I’m not complaining, just stating a fact.

Anyway, before we welcomed the year, I celebrated a year-end party with my PFG friends. Not our usual celebration which involves an overnight pigging-outΒ party somewhere in Ortigas. Hehe. But yeah, we still pigged out πŸ˜› but something important also happened. πŸ™‚

We all decided to meet up in UP (a little background about how PFG came about here), particularly in AS so that we could easily find one another. Four of us, Yan, Joy, Marife, and me decided to meet earlier (but it never happened lol) to prepare something for Kuya Mike and Lei – that is, because something is happening. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH!!!

Well, we managed to be early. We were texting the couple but neither was replying only Lei replied; however, we can’t determine if it’s time for us to go to AS yet. We still went πŸ˜› hoping that what should be done was done when we arrive so that our “plan” wouldn’t fail.

Joy behind the wheel...

And Joy drove to the parking lot (with her exemplary driving skills! Yay, Joy!) only for us to see Lei in tears (Kuya Mike, what have you done???! Kidding. Hehe.) And we know, something happened already. πŸ™‚ Good thing the AS parking lot had much space that time. We parked in front of the couple’s car to get a footage of what’s happening between our friends. Check this out:

We cannot contain ourselves. We were screamingΒ shrieking and crying because she said yes! LEI SAID YES! WAAAAH! To what? To this!

Grabe! I can’t believe it. Parang kelan lang, kaklase ko lang si Yan at Lei sa Psych 101. I just met Ipe during one of those breaks in college and IΒ only met Kuya Mike and Joy during one of our trips after finishing our degrees. And then one of us, well, two, are going on to the next stage of their lives. Whoa! Just whoa! We’ve come this far. :’) Haha! Another funny fancam before roaming around.

Still having some hangover of what just took place, we took pictures (as we usually do and as one of the originally planned activities for our yearend/Christmas party) since we miss the university. Kekeke.

Yan (the one in pink) originally planned that all of us come in our "basura" looks. However, look at her. =.=
Too affected? Hehe.

The girls
Eeeeehhhhh β™₯

Special fancam (Haha! This is nonsense but… :P)

And before pigging out dining, we went to one of the suki isaw stands in the campus: Mang Larry’s.

Mang Larry's has its bling-bling already.
Waiting for our orders

We end up a little full for dinner afterwards. But can you blame us? Hehe. We missed eating isaw in UP! Then we went to Maginhawa (a village near the campus) after for dinner. Ipe originally wanted to dine in Gayuma ni Maria but I think we passed through the place and saw this:

You know I have this constant craving for katsu curry and the rest of the gang loves tonaktsu so this is the perfect place! And how predictable were our options!

The staff of the restaurant were all very friendly and attentive. And we are so grateful that they didn’t send us out despite our noise because tadaaaaaaaa…! We made the place into our party place. πŸ˜›

What I got - We don't really exchange fancy gifts. Just the cute ones ever since we started our yearly celebration.

And since we have been staying in the place for quite a while already, we decided to shift to another. That was supposedly Moon Leaf but it was closed. 😦 So we opted to go to Katipunan instead and look for a tea or coffee shop. Ended up at CBTL, and we are not complaining. Hehe.

And whenever we’re together, the stories never end – as if we never get in touch with each other, and that’s why we usually hold our yearly party overnight. Hehe. But since we need to leave (It’s new years eve the next day!), we went on our ways – but not until it was late. πŸ˜›



All of us, except for Joy, went home together. Yan was dropped somewhere nearer since she lives within the area and the rest were down South. Something happened along the way so we were delayed. LOL And the couple weren’t able to make the pasabog that very day that they have to wait for new year for that. πŸ˜› But anyways, the announcement was made right on time. And we’re happy for them (and hopefully we’d be able to have to share such moment to the rest later, too.)

Hay, we’re definitely maturing – not just in one but in several aspects of our life. I’m glad I have these people as my friends (I’m thankful for my many friends!) They make life even more better. πŸ™‚


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