K-BFFs in Seoul – Day 1: What is 120 Meters (Highlight: Namsan Tower)

Sorry for the long overdue. I didn’t have much time in between the holidays but I promised myself I would finish day 1 before the year ends. Enjoy! 🙂


Yan and I thought it is best to go to Namsan Tower in the evening so we could see it as it was lighted. Well you can opt for that but we suggest that you go there while the sun is still up and wait until the evening. While doing so, you can first tour the Observatory or the Teddy Bear Museum.

During this trip, we took the cable car from Myeongdong. It is a long walk from the plains. LOL. But yes, you need to walk.

So this is where you need to go when you opt to go to Namsan via the cable car. 🙂

The cable car was full and pretty shaky. It's difficult to take good photos.
A cleared photo of what you'd see when your up there...

Then – Annyeong, Namsan!

Finally arrived 🙂
A beautiful welcome

The place has pretty nightscape, still.

Despite having many visitors, Namsan Tower remains calming.

But the tower isn’t lighted (yet)…

Oh it is! But what’s this?

Microsoft desktop?! LOL

It was lighted afterwards, but not as fancy as how other tourists were able to witness.

Nothing fancy. Though blue is my favorite color, I thought there'd be dancing lights. Hehe.

Then Yan and I went to the lock wall. Imagine, it’s pretty dark already but I was still hoping to spot a particular lock! (Would you want to know which lock is that? :P) But that time, it was already too dark to search so we just had a little photo session.

The tower actually wrote a poem? ᄏᄏ Kidding
I love this piece!
This is only a piece of a "bigger picture"
More locks - some old, some new.
Locks over the city
Lovers (and probably friends) really put an effort writing their promise messages on the locks. I hope those were kept 'til now.
Take note of several infos posted in the area. Hehe.

We promised to be back. It would be prettier to see the colors of the lock wall during the day.

After a little hanging out at the tower area, we walked down to Myeongdong (with our aching feet). Did we eat? I totally forgot! Haha!

As we arrived home, we met our floormates, and guess what – they’re Filipinos! They were students together with their teacher who, we guess, were there for some immersion trip (Golly, I wish I was still in school!) They are having some little celebration because someone from the group is celebrating her birthday. They invited us to eat with them but we were really too tired so we declined. It’s still their second to the last day and we have tomorrow to chat.

‘Twas a long day! Not only did we but our feet also had a blast! (Like literally! LOL) For the rest of my life, there are two numbers which I will be in my memory: 63 and 120. 😛


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