Walking on Water

One of the things that lingered to me during this morning’s church service is the side story about Jesus walking on water. (Matthew 14: 22-36)

There were several instances in the Scriptures where Jesus and His disciples were in the water. One of the most memorable is that during a great storm where the apostles were  frightened when all the while, their Rabbi was fast asleep. Jesus calmed the storm (Mark 4:35-40) for them (and the disciples got a little bit “scolding” from Him.) But really, why all the fuzz? Why were they terribly terrified?

How can something this beautiful seem so unsafe?

Water is liquid. And like how our science teachers in school would always define, it was never stable. Them always taking the shape of their container would be enough proof for that! And have you heard of bodies of water having the same rhythms? Nah.

Have you ever imagined how the disciples would react to the storm if they were on land? Well, storms are never to be underestimated but probably, since land has a more reliable foundation, their reactions (I assume) would be less afraid than what we have known.

But no. They were in water. Not knowing where the current would swish them to, all that they had that time was fear. Everything seems out of hand; uncontrollable. And like the upsurge, life can also be full of anxiety and despair – of uncertainty.

And then there’s Jesus. He walked on water. And that gesture really mattered. It’s as if telling the turbulent splash that it is beneath His feet. That it cannot take over Him.

And when we have faith, doing it as well is not impossible. Peter did it. But like him, we may  be distracted once we set our attention apart from the One who first did it for us to believe in and trust.

So keep your focus (I should also tell that to myself.) God has trusted us and we can do the crushing of the waves underneath our feet.


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