K-BFFs in Seoul – Day 1: What is 120 Meters? (Highlight: 63 Building)

Many people are wondering about the titles of Yan and I’s Korea adventure. Well, let’s just say that day 1 started it all. Why? Read for yourselves. ㅋㅋㅋ

Picking up from the previous post, since we’re already in Yeouido, I told Yan that we’re near 63 Building already. My friends would know the reason why I wanted to go to this building. I feel somewhat guilty for tagging Yan into this. Sorrryyyyyyyyyyyy… ㅠ_ㅠ

Since we don’t want to miss on the directions shared by Mr. Information Guy (Mr. IG), we opted to cross the street. Too bad, we failed to see the rest of Yeouido Park. But since, we can’t afford to get lost, we did as instructed. 63 Building is nearby anyway. Or so we thought.

Crossing the street, saying goodbye to Yeouido Park.

We started to cruise along the busy streets. The area is a bit busy since a lot of big estbalishments are located here (Well, there are lots of skyscrapers everywhere in South Korea anyway. LOL). I was a bit confident that the 63 Building is just nearby because I can see traffic signs pointing us to go straight ahead, one even said it’s just 120 meters ahead. I was waiting to approach the Yeoudio subway station because Mr. IG said it’s near that. So we went on…

Lots of pretty flowers (on "pots") in front of the skyscrapers.

… And on. But there was no sign of a gold building that is 역삼 (Korean for 63). We caught the Yeouido subway station but it was not even near Yeouido Park! We passed by Yeouinaru subway station (the next subway station along the same line as Yeouido) where the gold building is seeable but doesn’t seem approachable. Oh my goodness! I can feel my feet swelling and corns forming! ㅠ_ㅠ

After much, much, much more walking (which is still an understatement), we finally came to the 63 building! Good grief! It was a commercial establishment. Nothing really special (Well, it’s special for me because… I’ll just tell you the reason if you asked. Hahaha!) about it and since we don’t have any plans to go to the Art Museum, the Aquarium, or watch the movie, we were not really able to reach the 63rd floor.

Oh well, we had some commemorative photos after all. It’s a must anyway.

Still trying to smile amidst the pain (Wow! Serious?)
Yan looks happy all the time, ano? 😛
I will never forget you!!!

Right after, we searched for the nearest subway station to proceed to Myeongdong to canvass for fan items we need to get for our friends. It brought us to Noryangjin. Checking on our reference (AKA the map), we need to transfer to line 1. Sheesh!!! Adding to our exhaustion and injuries, we were lost. Line 1 is confusing because there are lots of trains going to various places. We rode one, it stopped, and it shipped us back to Noryangjin. That became my favorite *sarcastically* line after the incident. Haha! Being the transpo captain, we never took that line again. Geez. 😛 We got back to line 9 and took another route to Myeongdong.

P.S. A friend told me, almost everyone gets lost going to the 63 Building by foot so don’t ever attempt doing it anymore. 😛

63 Building

(You may want to take our path. :P)

Yeouido station (subway line 5), Exit 5
Take the Free Shuttle or bus no.62 in front of St. Mary’s Hospital Platform (OMG! See, you still have to take a bus!)


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