K-BFFs in Seoul – Day 1: What is 120 Meters? (Highlight: Namdaemun Market)

It was a bright sunny day in Seoul when we arrived. But despite that fact, given my outfit (I insisted wearing shorts in autumn. You still can, though, depending on your body’s capacity to endure the temperature), we decided to search for boots to compliment it. Haha! As if. So first thing on mind is head on to Namdaemun.

We walked from Myeongdong to Namdaemun since we want to know where to ride the cable car when we go to Namsam Tower.
Aha! Where are you, kids, going? It isn't lunch time yet? Hmmm...

After the subway ride and walking outside the station to the market, fascinated with colorful surroundings and out grumbling stomachs (My last meal was at 12mn if I am not mistaken. Yan’s was even earlier than that.), we stopped by this hot fish shop.

Looks appetizing already?
The hot fish this stall sells has a good variety, with different fillings you can choose from. In most stalls, they only sell that with hotdog in it.

The ahjussi who owned this asked us if it was delicious. I wanted to impress him with my Korean (Haha! Show-off!) so I answered in Korean. Hahaha! And he and his daughter (I assume) asked us where we came from. πŸ™‚

Yan ate it corndog style. Look at all those ketchup and mustard! Hahaha!
Sorry naman, ang pa-cute ko lang dito. πŸ˜›

And that, my friends, was our first official meal in Seoul. Haha! The first will always be memorable so though it’s too early to say, this is our favorite street food in Seoul! Woot! There are also lots of stall which sell this but you got to find this one in Namdaemun because it’s the best! πŸ™‚

Now back to our original intention in going here, it was still early (around 9 or 10 in the morning) but a lot of people are roaming around already, trying to shop for as many things as they can possibly get. Funny for us, we keep on heading to stores which the ahjummas went to.

Shopping with the ahjummas πŸ™‚
A shot from Look Optical. Of course, we can't escape fangirling in this trip. I should have bought glasses here. πŸ˜›
Among the many things you can get from Namdaemun. Sorry, I was just too lazy to take photos. =.=

Since it’s still our first day, I cannot say yet if prices here are cheap, but one sure thing is there are lots of bargains sold in the middle of the streets, like coats and shoes for 10,000 KRW. Eventhough we thought we’ve swept the whole Namdaemun because we kept on bumping the same stores over and over again, we didn’t. It’s such a big place! But we were able to get the boots that we wanted. πŸ™‚ Though tempted to go shopping already, it’s still day 1 and there are still a lot of places to explore first.

Yan, what are you doing?
But we cannot resist taking photos of ourselves. Hehehe.

Namdaemun Market

Line 4, Hoehyeon station

(We got down at Myeongdong station, though, and walked our way there. It’s pretty near.)


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