K-BFFs in Seoul – A Prologue: Part 2

I don’t know if I talk a lot but a second prologue is just necessary for this series of posts. So pardon my verbosity.

It was February. Normal work day. Yan and I are having our usual conversations over lunch time when suddenly, a seat sale announcement popped! Seoul Alert!

(Side note: Our PFG or Piso Fare Gang began because of Cebu Pacific’s P1 seat sales. Originally five friends from college; all of them Statistic majors and I, the stranger from Public Administration. Every now and then, we have “adoptive members” who come with us on different trips.)

PFG (Lei, Ipe, Joy, myself, and Yan) + Kuya Mike on the (left) side. GIF credits to Aja

Booked 8 months early, of course, everyone is excited! Joy got to tag along her friend and I was tagging my sister along. Lei couldn’t make it because of some commitments at work then.

Then few months came to pass…

… And changes also came with it. From six people, we were down to four, to three until only two remained (pang-Project Runway lang).

The real Seoul trip post will be next. 🙂

(I would have to admit that I created this post to have a reason to share our beautiful wacky GIF. Hehe.)


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