What is a Testimony?

A friend came to me one time, asking me this thing, “How can you testify of God’s work in your life to other people if you have been a good person since you could remember?”

I somehow remembered, not once has it happened, that a person will come to me and tell me, “You’ve always lived straight since you were a child. You have never gone astray.” What they don’t know is I have.

The Bible tells us that “… all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23, NKJV). I am never an exception. No one is. I may not be as disobedient as the kids my age then were. I may have not lived a delinquent life like most of my contemporaries and childhood friends. But like them, I have sinned. I lied. I thought bad of other people. I disrespected people in authority. The weight of my actions may not be as heavy as theirs but is that what matters? The point is I am like everyone else – a sinner.

But I am grateful that even if I may not have wandered far enough to get lost, Someone found me. And like a shepherd to a sheep, He has led me to the path I must take. I may not follow His direction all the time, but He never gets tired to showing me the way – sometimes gentle, sometimes tough – depending on how I must be corrected.

One of my favorite artists, Francesca Battistelli mentioned in a magazine interview before, “Your testimony is simply your story. And your story doesn’t have to be dramatic to be used by God. I really am free to be me. I don’t have to imitate someone else’s testimony or try and measure up to someone else’s standards. I’m free to be who God created me to be!”

Coming from a Christian family, Francesca surrendered her life to Christ at such an early age. My family became Christian when I was seven. I never really accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior until I was 13.  But like Francesca, I have never gone through the “rebellious teenager” stage.

Deriving from what Francesca said in the  interview as mentioned above, testimonies need not be always like a come-out-of-a-dark-world  type to be powerful. It just needs to be a story of an individual – someone who has allowed Jesus to create a change in it. Now that is a testimony!


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