Malaysia: Truly Asia Day 3

I made a mistake from my previous blog post that I will be posting day 2 on my next Malaysia post. That was supposed to be Day 3. Hehehe.

Anyway, we were dripping wet from Day 2 as a really heavy rain poured out when we were still in Suria.

The fountain overflowed due to the heavy rainfall.
This was what happened to us. (Favorite dripping-wet photo, eh? Haha!)

We got some good hours of sleep (really?) and woke up early on our way to KL Sentral.

Who poses in the middle of KL Sentral so early in the morning? Haha! Sheesh.

I never expect for a hassle day since we got ourselves a package to Genting Highlands. Since it’s approximately an hour travel, most of the time in the bus were spent for sleeping (too bad I didn’t caught any of my buddies sleeping) and camwhoring

Yan and I

The bus stops on the terminal and everyone would need to ride a cable car to go to Genting itself. It’s my first time riding one! (Yeah, I’m a late bloomer as always.)

The platform

Aside from families, many of the people you would encounter going to the place were grandpas and grannies who are going to (gasp!) the casino. They were so eager to get in they have forgotten to fall in line. =_= (Sorry, no pictures for this as well)

It was a long cable car ride. And it will make you nervous, at least a bit.

A view from where I was seated
It's a little scary at first but that kind of rush is good!

Genting Highlands in Malaysia’s Resorts World. Weird, though. I haven’t really roamed around Resorts World Manila.

There is an indoor and outdoor amusement park in the area. I would have wanted to have a ride but we don’t know if it’s already open.

This is how I looked like a year ago! Hahahaha! Imagine how long ago I should have posted this stuff.
It's us again! We never fail to take group photos, 'no?

They even had this Genting information area where you get to know a lot of stuff about when the place has started, how it has begun, who are the people who have been there, etc.

Cable car model

But the highlight for the day is definitely the buffet! Hahaha!

Coffee Terrace is where we're at. 🙂
The ambiance is pretty pleasing.
This is just one of the many cuisine stations to choose from!

We went immediately back to our hotel to get our stuff and head back to the airport for our flight to Bangkok. I don’t know what made us hungry but we have a few ringgits to spare for the last few hours stay in KL so we opted to get just some sandwiches. Poor souls. 😛 (And we don’t have a photo of it. :-S)

Ehhhh... I'm excited!!! (Joy, Ipe, and myself)

Bye bye, Malaysia!

It was all good. Thanks, KL!

I’m very much thrilled for Bangkok already! :”>

* Photos used are either from me or my friends: Yan, Ipe, Lei, and Joy.


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